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6 Steps to Performing Ultimate Teacher Appreciation Days, and Helping More Teachers in Your Community!

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Steps to Performing Ultimate Teacher Appreciation DaysChris Burfield Is A Top Notch Chiropractic Marketer Who Has Helped Hundreds Of Chiropractors Get More New Patients Through Teacher Appreciation Days!
“We made over $20,000 doing just a few teacher appreciation programs.  It’s the easiest thing we’ve ever done.”
– Dr. Jeremy
“I am taking the next two weeks off because my schedule is already SOOOO FULL…” 

– Dr. Tim

     Many chiropractors have approached their local schools and tried to set up special events for the teachers, few have succeeded.  Until now!  Mr. Chris Burfield has the answer.  Burfield says there are 6 major steps to performing the Ultimate Teacher Appreciation Day.  Here they are in order:
Step #1:  Gather the necessary materials.
     First you will need food (since you are going to cater the teachers lunch), and a massage chair (a fold up chair will work just fine).  You will also need stress surveys, a clip board, pens, your appointment book, business cards, a map with directions to your office, new patient intake forms, and patient education handouts.  Also, you might want to bring information about what they should expect on their first visit.  This helps to prepare them, as well as, cut down on missed appointments (some people have anxiety about visiting chiropractic offices).
Step #2:  Arrive 30-45 minutes early.
     This allows you to get the schedule of who will be getting trigger point therapy that day.  (You will drop the schedule off in advance so that teachers can schedule their trigger point therapy, in 10 min increments.)  You will need to arrive early so that you can set up your area.
Step #3:  Meet and greet.
     Always, always, always greet each teacher with a smile and a firm hand shake.  Don’t forget to make good eye contact.  Confidence is always a factor.  Never let them see you sweat.  Just be laid-back, cool, and professional.  Have the teachers fill out a stress survey, and then go over it with them.  Ask them questions like, “How long have you had these symptoms?”, “How often do you have them?”, “What does it feel like?”, and “Are you doing anything about it?”  Once they tell you all about it, follow up with something like this, “Hmmm. Ok. Well I am really curious to see what I find here.”  This will let the person know you are looking for something associated with their health problems.
Step #4:  Perform the trigger point therapy.
     Make sure you apply enough pressure to make them feel the tenderness in their body.  Remember, this is not a massage.  This is trigger point therapy.  There is a difference.  One of your purposes, is to make them aware of the health problems they have, and offer an opportunity to visit your office.  So when you find those major tender points ask them, “Mary, do you feel that?” “Is that sore or tender?”  When she says, “Yes.” respond by saying something like this, “Mary, that’s not normal.  You shouldn’t have those painful knots.  You shouldn’t be feeling anything but pressure.”  At this point you might bring up her stress survey and say something like, “Something is causing your headaches, and I think I may have found the problem.  I need to do a further examination to know for sure.”
Step #5:  Make your offer.
     Try saying something like this, “Here’s the deal.  We are working with your school, and because of that we are able to offer you a free exam in our office.  Everything has been taken care of in advance, so it won’t cost you a dime to have your problem evaluated.  Our office wants to do something special and nice for teachers.  Is there any reason why you wouldn’t want to take advantage of this today?”
Step #6:  Schedule the appointment.
     Use this layout for scheduling so that you cut down on confusion, “What time works best for you?  Mornings or afternoons?”  “What day works best for you?  Monday or Tuesday?”  If the person replies, “Monday afternoons.”  You can say something like, “I have a 4 o’clock or a 5 o’clock.  Which one works best for you?”  Give them a new patient packet that has all of your information and their new patient intake forms and move on to the next one.
     If you enjoyed the above information and want to hear more about how to set up and perform successful Teacher Appreciation Days in your area then click on the link below and get instant access to the entire Genesis Chiropractic Software Webinar with Chris Burfield.
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