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Unveiling the Power of Genesis Dashboards

 In chiropractic software

Dr. Travis Arrington, a chiropractor of the younger generation known for his dynamism and forward-thinking approach, has provided valuable insights into the transformative journey that he and his wife have undertaken at their establishment, White Bison Chiropractic in this dialogue with Dr. Brian Paris. The conversation explored the influence of technology, specifically the recently integrated Genesis dashboards, on the operations of Dr. Arrington’s practice.

The White Bison Story:

Dr. Arrington explains the meaning behind “White Bison,” inspired by the national mammal’s resilience and its symbolization of answered prayers and abundance in Native American culture. The practice serves as a metaphor, urging clients to confront challenges directly and uncover positive outcomes.

Blending Professions:

Intriguingly, Dr. Arrington shares how his background in sales and tech, spanning over a decade, paved the way for his chiropractic journey. The conversation shifts to his unique practice model, where he collaborates with his wife, a mental health therapist specializing in marriage and family therapy. Together, they offer a holistic approach to well-being.

Exploring Genesis and Dashboards:

Dr. Travis discusses his discovery of Genesis through a recommendation from a mentor, leading to a seamless integration of the platform into his practice. He highlights the game-changing impact of Genesis dashboards, providing insights into key performance indicators (KPIs) such as conversion rates, retention, and supply chain efficiency. The dashboards prove invaluable in identifying weak points and making strategic decisions for business growth.

Innovative Patient Education:

The conversation extends to Dr. Arrington’s utilization of the Remarkable Practice’s Dirty Dozen tool within Genesis. He envisions conducting tests to measure the effectiveness of patient education on retention and conversion rates. The dynamic discussion reveals a commitment to continuous improvement and a keen interest in leveraging technology for enhanced patient care.

Looking Ahead:

Dr. Arrington shares his plans for the future, including the addition of a second doctor to the practice and further exploration of Genesis capabilities. The interview concludes with mutual appreciation for the power of referrals and the positive impact Genesis has had on Dr. Arrington’s practice.


Dr. Travis Arrington’s journey exemplifies the intersection of technology and chiropractic care. As he continues to grow and innovate, his experience with Genesis dashboards serves as inspiration for practitioners seeking to elevate their practices through strategic use of technology. Stay tuned for more success stories and transformative insights here on Genesis Nation!


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