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Empowering Chiropractic Journeys

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Dr. Fred DiDomenico of Elite Coaching, entrepreneur, chiropractor, bestselling author, coach, and a distinguished figure in the chiropractic world, shares insights into creating a dream practice, fostering an exceptional patient experience, and the profound impact of purpose-driven chiropractic. We explore Dr. DiDomenico’s journey, coaching philosophy, and the transformative power of embracing a principled approach to chiropractic care.

  1. The Essence of Purpose in Chiropractic: Dr. DiDomenico emphasizes the significance of purpose in chiropractic. He encourages practitioners to align with the core values of principled chiropractic, connecting with the universal principle of above-down-inside-out. Purpose becomes the driving force behind building a successful practice that extends beyond personal satisfaction.
  2. Coaching for Personal Empowerment: Elite coaching, led by Dr. Fred, goes beyond traditional chiropractic coaching. It’s a self-empowerment and leadership training program that delves into personal growth. Dr. DiDomenico shares how coaching helps individuals overcome limiting beliefs, establish new empowering beliefs, and develop leadership skills crucial for building and sustaining a thriving chiropractic practice.
  3. Leveraging Technology for Practice Growth: Dr. Paris brings attention to the role of technology, highlighting how coaching clients with a focus on lifestyle and purpose leads to higher patient visit averages and increased collections per visit. The conversation underscores the value of integrating technology, such as the Genesis platform, to streamline practice management and enhance patient engagement.
  4. Creating Lifelong Raving Fans: Drawing inspiration from his experiences, including attending Tony Robbins’ events, Dr. DiDomenico discusses the importance of creating lifelong raving fans. By turning team members into leaders and instilling a purpose-driven approach, chiropractors can cultivate a community of patients who passionately advocate for chiropractic care.
  5. The Urgency to Step Up: Dr. DiDomenico delivers a powerful message about the current landscape of healthcare. He urges chiropractors to recognize the growing demand for faith-based, inside-out healthcare and asserts that now is the time for chiropractors to step up, get on purpose, and meet the rising need for principled chiropractic care.


In this enlightening conversation, Dr. Fred DiDomenico shares valuable insights into the world of purpose-driven chiropractic. From the transformative impact of coaching on personal growth to the urgent call for chiropractors to embrace their purpose, this discussion offers a roadmap for creating a fulfilling and successful chiropractic practice. Join us in future sessions as we delve into topics such as purpose, creating lifestyle patients, and the art of patient experience. Stay tuned to Genesis Nation for more enriching conversations with industry leaders.

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