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Revolutionizing Documentation and Billing: FlexNote

 In chiropractic software

We are thrilled to dive into the latest technological marvel from Genesis Chiropractic Software – the FlexNote. Our Chief Technology Officer, Erez Lirov, takes the stage to unveil a groundbreaking approach to documentation and billing.

In this dynamic conversation, the focus is on addressing the common concerns of chiropractors, especially regarding the speed and efficiency of documentation. Dr. Brian Paris and Erez explore the challenges faced by practitioners in high-volume chiropractic and integrated practices involving multiple disciplines.

The FlexNote introduces a seamless integration of high-speed chiropractic interfaces, known from previous generations, with a customizable daily note system. The goal is to provide chiropractors and allied healthcare professionals, including nurse practitioners, physical therapists, and medical doctors, with a unified platform that caters to diverse workflows.

The key features of the FlexNote include a comprehensive patient chart view accessible to the entire care team, synchronized information such as medications and tasks, and a mobile-friendly patient portal. Erez showcases the speed and convenience of creating notes by incorporating vital signs, macros, and dictation capabilities.

What sets the FlexNote apart is its adaptability for various medical disciplines, allowing practitioners to create configurable and customizable notes tailored to their specific needs. The system even supports the use of macros for swift and efficient note creation.

With a live demonstration, Erez illustrates the efficiency of the FlexNote, emphasizing its ability to streamline workflows for practitioners dealing with multidisciplinary cases. The system’s user interface and experience have been meticulously designed to enhance the speed and ease of creating comprehensive notes.

Exciting upcoming features include integrated x-rays and images, along with a navigation bar for quick access to different sections within lengthy notes. The FlexNote is already in use by select offices, receiving positive feedback for its transformative impact on documentation and billing processes.

For those eager to explore the FlexNote and enhance their practice’s efficiency, Genesis Chiropractic Software encourages early adoption. The FlexNote represents a significant leap forward in chiropractic software, providing a versatile solution for practitioners with diverse needs and preferences.

Stay tuned for more tech updates from Genesis Chiropractic Software as we continue to innovate and empower chiropractors on their journey to creating dream practices. If you have questions or want to explore FlexNote, reach out to us via the chat now feature. Your practice’s technological evolution begins here!

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