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Maximizing Chiropractic Practice Success

 In chiropractic software

In today’s exclusive discussion, we have Michelle Corrigan, Director of Operations at Genesis Chiropractic Software, joining us. Michelle, a seasoned professional in the field, shares her extensive experience and valuable insights. Get ready for a deep dive into optimizing your practice management.

Unlocking the Potential of Technology:

In the chiropractic realm, Michelle highlights a common concern—practitioners may not be giving due attention to their bottom line. Genesis Nation aims to change this narrative by leveraging technology to streamline and enhance every aspect of your practice.

Michelle is not just a Director of Operations; she’s a certified coder and compliance officer. With a wealth of experience, Michelle has witnessed the evolution of chiropractic practices, from manual HICFA forms to the seamless automation we enjoy today. Her insights are invaluable for those seeking to navigate the complexities of practice management.

Bottom-Line Focus:

  • Chiropractors often neglect their bottom line. Michelle emphasizes the importance of understanding the financial health of your practice. Genesis Nation encourages practitioners to use technology for robust financial management.

Staff Training and Knowledge:

  • The success of any practice relies on well-trained and knowledgeable staff. Michelle underscores the significance of hiring individuals who align with your practice’s values. Training staff effectively ensures that money doesn’t slip through the cracks.

Underpaid and Rejected Claims:

  • Every underpaid or rejected claim represents potential revenue loss. Michelle urges practitioners to intelligently combat these issues, preventing insurance companies from taking advantage. Genesis provides robust tools to fight for every dollar owed.

Coding Accuracy:

  • Coding is a critical aspect of chiropractic practice. Michelle stresses the need for a deep understanding of the relationship between procedure codes and diagnosis codes. Accurate and bulletproof notes are essential to support medical necessity.

Network Effect in Billing:

  • Michelle introduces the concept of a network effect in billing. Changes in one region may affect others. Genesis actively incorporates these changes into its system, creating a collective advantage for all practitioners in the network.

Patient Payment Collection:

  • Michelle addresses the challenge of collecting patient payments. While chiropractors are focused on healing, it’s crucial to ensure timely payments to keep the practice running smoothly. Innovative solutions like Chusa offer legal ways to provide discounts and facilitate payments.

Avoiding Pitfalls in Contracts:

  • Michelle shares a cautionary tale about contracts that promise quicker payments in exchange for reduced amounts. Practitioners need to scrutinize such agreements, ensuring they don’t inadvertently sign away substantial revenue.


As we conclude this insightful discussion with Michelle Corrigan, Genesis Nation stands as a beacon for chiropractors seeking to revolutionize their practices. By embracing technology, focusing on financial health, and staying vigilant in billing practices, chiropractors can elevate their success. Join us on this journey of transformation, and stay tuned for more enriching discussions from Genesis Nation.

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