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Building Empires of Health

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In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, few stories are as compelling as that of Dr. Jeff Danielson, a chiropractor, visionary entrepreneur, and the mastermind behind Big Fish Enterprises. In an exclusive podcast episode, Dr. Danielson shares the intricate details of his journey, offering listeners a glimpse into the unique blend of chiropractic expertise and business acumen that has propelled him to success.

The Genesis of a Visionary:

Dr. Jeff Danielson’s story begins in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he not only thrived as a chiropractor but also cultivated a keen entrepreneurial spirit. It was during his interactions with students at a chiropractic school that he recognized a recurring pattern: young, talented chiropractors eager to make a difference, but often left unsupported after a brief stint in his practice. This realization led to the birth of an innovative coaching program.

“Pay It Forward” Philosophy:

The heart of Dr. Danielson’s coaching philosophy lies in the concept of “Pay It Forward.” He sought to break the cycle of talented chiropractors leaving after gaining experience and knowledge. Instead, he envisioned a system where associates would be mentored, trained, and ultimately become partners in the journey of acquiring and transforming chiropractic practices. This unique approach has not only benefited Dr. Danielson’s clinics but has created a ripple effect of success through the chiropractic community.

Big Fish Training: Transforming Practices:

The coaching program, aptly named Big Fish Training, was designed to turn ordinary practices into thriving enterprises. Dr. Danielson emphasizes a hands-on approach, pairing associates with him in his own practice, imparting not just clinical knowledge but the critical skills needed to run a successful chiropractic business. The goal is to transform practices from mere “Ford Taurus” models to high-performance “Lexus” clinics.

Team Doc: Revolutionizing Community Engagement:

One of Dr. Danielson’s game-changing innovations is Team Doc, a program that redefines community engagement and patient acquisition. By sponsoring local sports teams, especially those in unexpected niches like trap shooting, Dr. Danielson creates opportunities for meaningful connections. This unconventional marketing strategy has proven wildly successful, with dozens of new patients generated from each event, further solidifying the impact of chiropractic care in the community.

Chiro Life: A Platform for Transformation:

Dr. Jeff Danielson’s commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering collaboration reaches its zenith with the Chiro Life seminar. This annual event is a testament to his vision of building a community of chiropractors who not only excel in their practices but also inspire and support one another. The upcoming seminar, themed “Build Your Army,” promises to be a transformative experience, featuring speakers like Brian Capra, Jeff Langmaid, and Roberto Monaco.


Dr. Jeff Danielson’s podcast episode is a masterclass in combining passion, purpose, and business savvy to create a lasting impact in the chiropractic world. His journey, from a chiropractic clinician to a mentor shaping the future of the profession, is an inspiration to aspiring chiropractors and entrepreneurs alike. As the chiropractic community eagerly anticipates the Cairo Life seminar, Dr. Danielson continues to shape the narrative of success in chiropractic care and business.

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