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Optimizing Chiropractic Teams

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Today, we’re diving deep into the world of chiropractic hiring with Dr. Mark Mouw, the founder of Chiro Match Makers. Dr. Mouw, a successful clinic owner and coach of The Remarkable Practice, is here to share insights on the challenges of finding the right chiropractic associates and how Chiro Match Makers is transforming the hiring process.

Finding the Right Fit:

Dr. Mouw kicks off the discussion by emphasizing the critical importance of hiring the right person for the right role to ensure success. With Chiro Match Makers, they have honed in on a strategic approach, utilizing behavioral assessments to identify the best match for chiropractic practices. This is not just about finding any associate but discovering the right fit to achieve long-term synergy.

The Evolution of Chiro Match Makers:

Dr. Mouw takes us on a journey through the inception of Chiro Match Makers, highlighting the collaborative effort of Dr. Steven France, Dr. Ellen Miner, Sheila, and himself within The Remarkable Practice. Initially focusing on hiring chiropractic assistants (CAs), they soon expanded to include associate searches, addressing a significant need in the profession.

Understanding Chiropractic Personalities:

The conversation delves into the three main types of chiropractors identified through behavioral assessments: entrepreneurs, business builders, and caregivers. Dr. Mouw breaks down their traits and percentages within the profession. Notably, caregivers make up the majority (65%), seeking fulfilling patient relationships without the desire to run a business.

Overcoming Hiring Pitfalls:

Dr. Mouw addresses common hiring mistakes, emphasizing the tendency of chiropractors to hire individuals similar to themselves. This leads to challenges when hiring entrepreneurs or business builders who may eventually seek to open their practices, resulting in turnover. Chiro Match Makers aims to shift this paradigm by creating a language of understanding and aligning individuals with complementary traits.

The Power of Behavioral Assessments:

The Chiro Match Makers team uses licensed behavioral assessments that are EEOC compliant, providing valuable insights into an individual’s behavioral traits. By understanding these traits, practices can strategically build a team that complements each other, fostering a collaborative and successful environment.

Scalability and Vision:

Dr. Mouw emphasizes the importance of having a clear vision for the practice and building a team that aligns with that vision. The scalability of a practice relies on training, accountability, and autonomy for team members. This approach enables chiropractors to step back from daily operations, promoting long-term stability and durability.

Legacy and Exit Strategies:

The conversation concludes with insights into legacy-building and exit strategies. Dr. Mouw discusses the four main reasons chiropractors seek assistance: time freedom, increased revenue, stability and durability, and legacy building. Chiro Match Makers and The Remarkable Practice offer comprehensive support, whether it’s finding the right associates or navigating the process of selling a practice.


In the dynamic world of chiropractic hiring, Chiro Match Makers and Dr. Mark Mouw stand as beacons of innovation. By incorporating behavioral assessments and strategic insights, they are revolutionizing the way chiropractors build teams and shape the future of their practices. As the profession evolves, finding the right fit becomes not just a necessity but a transformative journey towards success.

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