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Transformative Leadership Journey

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In a candid conversation, Dr. Jen and Dr. Dean reflect on their journey that began in chiropractic school. From scribbling visions on a coffee shop napkin to now influencing countless practitioners, their commitment to spirituality, clinical expertise, and enduring relationships shines through. The genesis of their journey lies in the fusion of faith, deepening relationships, and the commitment to transformative leadership.

We have the incredible opportunity to dive deep into the world of chiropractic leadership with the dynamic duo, Drs. Jen and Dean DePice. With over 35 years of experience, they have not only stood the test of time in their relationship but have also become pioneers in chiropractic coaching through TLC (Transformative Leadership Coaching).

The Spiritual Essence:

Dr. Jen emphasizes the spiritual aspect of chiropractic care, stating that the most significant subluxations occur in people’s spiritual lives, affecting their relationships, health, and overall well-being. The DePices are on a mission to connect chiropractors with the spiritual dimensions of their practice, believing that this holistic approach can bring unending benefits to individuals and communities.

Balancing Prosperity Pillars:

The conversation delves into TLC’s four pillars of balanced prosperity: Team-Driven Practice, Promotions and Marketing, Patient Care, and Philosophy. Dr. Jen highlights the necessity of feeding each of these pillars to create a sustainable and impactful chiropractic practice. The emphasis is not just on clinical expertise but also on fostering deep connections and elevating the profession.

Leadership vs. Management:

Dr. Dean draws a clear distinction between leadership and management, expressing their disdain for the term “management.” Instead, they advocate for mentoring and training people while managing systems. The DePices believe that people flourish when mentored, not merely managed, and stress the importance of raising leaders who, in turn, raise others.

Philosophical Foundation:

The importance of a clear philosophical foundation is underscored, and the DePices share the five papers that chiropractors at TLC write to define their philosophy. These papers delve into metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, politics, and aesthetics, offering a comprehensive framework for chiropractors to align their beliefs with their actions.

Out Strategy:

Dr. Dean emphasizes the value of crafting an “out strategy” for chiropractors, helping them envision a future beyond their current practice. By writing a functional out strategy, individuals become more excited about their present and often choose to stay engaged in their practices.


The blog post concludes by inviting readers to explore the various ways to engage with TLC, from attending events to participating in coaching programs or even starting with digital courses. Drs. Jen and Dean DePice’s transformative leadership journey continues to inspire chiropractors to embrace the spiritual dimensions of their practice and build sustainable, impactful legacies.


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