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Navigating Chiropractic Frontiers

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In this enlightening conversation, we dive deep into Dr. Lona Cook’s chiropractic journey, a chiropractor, coach, author, and visionary leader. Dr. Cook’s impact on chiropractic, her patients, her family, and the world at large is nothing short of inspirational. 

We listen to her as she shares her experiences from her chiropractic school days to building and scaling successful practices. Additionally, we explore her unique school program, coaching endeavors, and her profound insights on the intersection of chiropractic philosophy, energy awareness, and leadership. 

Chiropractic Odyssey: From School to Scaling Practices

Dr. Cook’s journey began in chiropractic school at Northwestern, an institution with a strong medical orientation. Despite the initial lack of deep philosophical immersion, Dr. Cook’s trajectory took a transformative turn when she attended a New Beginnings seminar. Inspired by Dr. Eddie Diaz’s visualization exercise, she envisioned a world where everyone recognizes the vital role of chiropractic in a child’s health journey. This moment planted the seeds for her future endeavors.

Scaling Practices:

Fast-forwarding through her successful practice, Dr. Cook emphasized the importance of adapting and pivoting in response to unexpected challenges. While her initial dream was to establish one exceptional practice, she found herself opening a second practice due to personal circumstances. The partnership model, which involved mentoring and a structured buyout, allowed her to scale her practices successfully. Dr. Cook’s insightful perspective on partnerships highlights the significance of alignment, mutual respect, and shared goals for a thriving practice.

Philosophical Foundations and Leadership:

Dr. Cook delves into the philosophical foundations of chiropractic and the profound impact it has on her leadership philosophy. She emphasizes the importance of understanding metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, politics, and aesthetics—pillars that shape a chiropractor’s worldview. This philosophical depth informs her coaching approach, where leadership transcends mere management. Dr. Cook advocates for cultivating leaders who empower others, creating a ripple effect that extends beyond the chiropractic profession.

School Program: Nurturing the Future

One of the most captivating aspects of Dr. Cook’s journey is her pioneering school program, bringing chiropractic care to students. Inspired by a New Beginnings seminar, she initiated a program where chiropractors visit schools, initially for teachers and later for students. The program has expanded to multiple schools, with plans to replicate its success in other districts. Dr. Cook envisions a future where chiropractic care becomes an integral part of children’s health and well-being.

Energy Awareness and Intuition:

Dr. Cook shares her insights on energy awareness, intuition, and their profound impact on decision-making. Drawing from chiropractic philosophy and universal laws, she underscores the importance of recognizing vibrational frequencies in oneself and others. Dr. Cook’s approach aligns with the principle of strengthening strengths and outsourcing weaknesses, fostering a harmonious and impactful leadership style.

Coaching with Dr. Cook:

Dr. Cook offers coaching services tailored to chiropractors at different stages of their journeys. Prospective clients can initiate the process with a strategy call, where Dr. Cook gains insights into their aspirations and dreams. Her coaching spans from launching and building practices to supporting women in chiropractic who are navigating the complexities of leadership while juggling various roles.


Dr. Lona Cook’s chiropractic odyssey is a testament to transformative leadership, aligning philosophy with action, and the profound impact of chiropractic care on individuals and communities. Her visionary initiatives, from scaling practices to pioneering school programs, reflect a commitment to empowering others and leaving a lasting legacy. As we conclude this conversation, Dr. Cook’s words resonate—a reminder that chiropractic is not just a profession; it’s a journey of self-discovery, leadership, and making a difference in the world.

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