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Traversing the Credentialing Maze

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In the ever-evolving landscape of chiropractic practice, one often overlooked but critical aspect is credentialing. Dr. Brian Paris, alongside Natasha from Target Coding and Brandy from Rapid Credentialing, sheds light on the complexities of credentialing and its impact on chiropractic offices.

Understanding Credentialing: A Vital Component Post-COVID

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many chiropractic offices find themselves grappling with revalidation letters and a sense of bewilderment. “Medicare is kicking me out, why?” is a common refrain. Dr. Paris welcomes Natasha and Brandy, experts in the intricacies of credentialing, to delve into the crucial role this process plays in the seamless functioning of chiropractic practices.

The Trifecta of Collaboration: Streamlining Credentialing

The collaboration between Target Coding, Rapid Credentialing, and Genesis aims to provide chiropractors with a streamlined approach to credentialing. Brandy emphasizes the multifaceted nature of credentialing, describing it not merely as an enrollment process but a screening mechanism employed by payers to ensure suitability.

The Communication Conundrum: A Common Pitfall

Communication emerges as a recurring theme in the discussion. Brandy and Natasha, having worked in chiropractic offices themselves, understand the frustration arising from poor communication between credentialing services and practitioners. They stress the importance of keeping providers in the loop throughout the credentialing process.

A Solution-Oriented Approach: Managing Expectations from the Start

Natasha highlights the collaboration’s focus on communication and customer service. The process begins with a detailed email after an initial inquiry call, providing clarity on the services offered. This ensures that from the outset, providers are well-informed about the credentialing process and can make informed decisions.

Credentialing as a Continuous Journey: Monitoring and Mitigating Hiccups

The conversation delves into the ongoing nature of credentialing, with Brandy’s team employing a system to monitor providers’ continual processes. They stress the importance of timely attestation and vigilance to avoid potential issues, such as revalidation letters from Medicare.

Conclusion: A Grateful Acknowledgment

Dr. Paris expresses gratitude for the collaboration with Natasha and Brandy, acknowledging their expertise and passion for navigating the credentialing maze. The trio is poised to assist chiropractors in ensuring a seamless and compliant credentialing process, allowing them to focus on patient care without the burden of administrative intricacies.

For chiropractors seeking a comprehensive solution to credentialing challenges, the collaboration between Target Coding, Rapid Credentialing, and Genesis promises a thorough and communication-centric approach to streamline the process.

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