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Elevating Chiropractic Web Presence

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In an enlightening conversation, Dr. Brian had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Tony Seymour, the mind behind Chiro Website Pro. This blog explored the critical function that websites serve as sales tools for chiropractors, shedding light on Tony’s distinctive methodology in developing successful chiropractic websites. Drawing from his extensive two-decade experience, he provided valuable insights into his professional journey, underscored the importance of personalized messaging, and elucidated the complexities of search engine optimization (SEO).

Recounting a journey spanning more than two decades in the chiropractic realm, Tony initially aspired to become a chiropractor. However, a turning point emerged when a management company acknowledged his marketing acumen, emphasizing the pivotal role websites play in shaping the narrative of chiropractic practices. This recognition prompted a shift in trajectory, leading Tony to focus on coaching chiropractors and specializing in tailored marketing strategies.

The Three Pillars of Effective Websites:

The three crucial elements in crafting impactful chiropractic websites were emphasized

  1. First pillar: message, emphasizing the uniqueness of each chiropractor’s philosophy. Avoiding the pitfall of generic, cookie-cutter websites, Tony’s approach involves a personalized interview process to extract the DNA of the practitioner’s message.
  2. Second pillar: design, the importance of congruence between a chiropractor’s service value and the visual representation on their website was highlighted. A misalignment between a high-value care plan and a low-quality website design could undermine the practice’s credibility.
  3. Third pillar: traffic, involves a dual focus on organic and paid traffic. Giving highlight on the backend coding work for SEO and the strategic use of Google ads to rapidly increase online visibility.

Insights into SEO and Backlinks:

Delving into the intricacies of SEO, Tony insights into the critical role of coding, relevant content, and backlinks were given. He shared his approach to backlinks, involving both local efforts and the integration of AI-powered tools. The evolving landscape of SEO, especially with AI involvement, added an exciting dimension to the conversation.

Streamlined Process for Website Development:

An outline of a three-step process for chiropractors interested in working with Chiro Website Pro was provided – It starts with scheduling a discovery call through the website, followed by a personalized interview to assess compatibility. Once established, Tony undertakes the website development, ensuring ongoing SEO and updates are seamlessly integrated.

The conversation encapsulated the essence of Chiro Website Pro – a blend of expertise, authenticity, and a genuine passion for elevating chiropractic practices in the digital realm.

The pivotal moment of realizing the crucial role websites play in conveying the essence of chiropractic practices led Tony to specialize in crafting personalized marketing strategies. As the dialogue unfolded, it became evident that Tony’s approach goes beyond mere website creation; it embodies a dedication to underpromise and overdeliver, ensuring chiropractors receive not just a service but a comprehensive solution to enhance their online presence.


This podcast provided valuable insights into the multifaceted world of chiropractic marketing, emphasizing the importance of authentic messaging, effective website design, and strategic SEO for practitioners aiming to thrive in a digital landscape.

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