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The Top 3 Reasons to Start with Genesis Software

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Proactive Technology finds the work for you.The Top 3 Reasons to Use Genesis

The new year is here and with it, most people are making their resolutions for the coming months.  As you decide how you will make 2017 the best year ever, I want to challenge you to take the step that will transform your Chiropractic practice, enhance your patient experience, boost your bottom line, and take the stress out of your day-to-day management by leveraging Genesis Chiropractic Software in your practice.  Here are the top three reasons you should start 2017 with Genesis Chiropractic Software:

Reason #1 – Proactive Technology

If you are using an outdated Chiropractic software based on a reactive type of technology you are missing out on the benefits you could be seeing.  With a proactive technology, like Genesis Chiropractic Software, all of the tasks that must be completed each day for your practice to be successful are automatically discovered by the patented artificial intelligence in the software, assigned to the appropriate staff member, and you can easily see whether all the tasks of the day have been completed or not, all in one report.  By making sure that each task is assigned to the person best able to complete them and knowing whether or not they have been done, it takes the guesswork out of management.  It makes sure that everything that needs to be done is done on time and by the person who can do it most effectively.  Every aspect of running a practice is completed at the highest level of efficiency.  

Reason # 2 – Higher Patient Retention

Putting Genesis to work in your practice also translates to higher patient retention because it allows you to manage the mission critical points of your practice.  Mission critical points are ones where you take the chance of losing a patient, points where you must take action immediately or the patient is likely to discontinue care.  Unfortunately, these points are also ones that are difficult to discover and handle in a timely manner in reactive systems that require you to search multiple reports just to manage a single day’s activities.Genesis Chiropractic Software eliminates no shows.

Let’s take no-shows as an example.  What does a no-show really mean to not only your business but to your patient.  If a patient was going in for chemotherapy and they had to miss a visit, would they be waiting for you to call them to reschedule that visit?  Absolutely not.  Would they walk out of chemotherapy forgetting to schedule their next visits?  Or, would they reach the end of their treatment, get their testing done, and not follow-up to get their doctor’s recommendations for the next phase of their care.  Never…it is too important to them.

So, when a patient in your chiropractic practice no-shows for a visit, walks out without a future appointment, or is not excited about their re-exam, what are they telling you?  They are telling you that they don’t value their care.  It is no longer important to them.

With Genesis, you are alerted when these mission critical points, like a patient no-show, occur so that you can take immediate action to preserve the patient relationship.  This is vital to both the health of the patient and the financial health of your practice because according to Harvard Business Review, it costs you five times more to get new patients than it does to retain patients you already have.

Reason # 3 – Eliminates Memory Management

Eliminate memory management with Genesis Chiropractic Software.If you are using one of the old reactive types of systems to manage your practice, you are most likely relying on reports to make sure that everything is completed like it should be.  The problem with this, as you know, is that it leaves you searching report after report.  If you wanted to follow up on an insurance claim, you have to go to some aging report, find the claim, and then follow up on it.  That means that you have to probe.  You have to actively go find the work before you can do it.  Then, no one actually knows how much work was supposed to happen for that day, as opposed to how much work did happen.  You may find out that an x-ray reprt that was supposed to be performed wasn’t.  Then, three months later, you find out that a hundred x-rays weren’t done.

This leaves the owner of the practice totally out of control.  It leaves you memory managing every single thing that happens.  It leaves you stressed out when you leave the office, trying to remember if everything was done to make the day successful.  Furthermore, it puts additional stress on your staff and can damage the relationship with your patient.

Genesis eliminates the burden of memory management.  With our proactive chiropractic software, you never have to guess whether or not a task has been done.  You never have to wonder whether a follow-up was completed, a bill sent, or a no-show rescheduled.  With Genesis at work in your practice, when you go home at night, you can leave the office at the office.

It All Boils Down to the Numbers

The benefits Genesis Chiropractic Software offers your practice can all be boiled down to the numbers.  With Genesis, you can not only dramatically improved management of the patient experience, you can also achieve 62% higher collections per visit, 26% better patient retention, and 32% higher documentation compliance.  This means that leveraging Genesis Chiropractic Software in your practice could make 2017 your most profitable year ever, ease the stress of day-to-day management, decrease the burden on your staff, and result in the highest quality care for your patients.  

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