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The Smart Chiropractor: The Influence of Reactivations and Strategic Communication

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Welcome to Genesis Nation, your gateway to the forefront of innovative chiropractic care and practice management. In this exclusive interview, we journey into the transformative realm of chiropractic marketing with trailblazing practitioners, Dr. Jason Deitch and Dr. Jeff Langmaid, co-founders of The Smart Chiropractor. As pioneers in reshaping the industry, they shed light on the often-overlooked goldmine within email lists and unveil the power of reactivations.

The Genesis of The Smart Chiropractor:

Delving into the roots of The Smart Chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Langmaid unfolds the founding principles that took inspiration from diverse fields beyond chiropractic. Their contrarian marketing approach aimed to simplify effective strategies for practitioners, starting with a focus on organic social media channels. Recognizing the untapped potential, they ventured into automated email marketing campaigns to enhance communication and drive reactivations. The duo addresses the common scenario where chiropractors possess substantial email lists yet underutilize them, emphasizing the importance of consistent communication to activate this valuable asset for practice growth.

Reactivations: A Game-Changer in Chiropractic Marketing:

Dr. Jason Deitch emphasizes the pivotal role of reactivations in alleviating stressors within the chiropractic profession, steering away from the constant pressure of new patient acquisition. With systems, processes, and automations, chiropractors can enhance practice sustainability. The power of predictive analytics takes center stage, allowing practitioners to anticipate outcomes based on email list size. This data-driven approach provides a strategic advantage, enabling chiropractors to navigate the competitive healthcare landscape with confidence.

Addressing Burnout and Stress in the Chiropractic Profession:

Dr. Jeff Langmaid expands on the holistic transformation observed in chiropractors adopting a reactivation-centric approach. The shift from reliance on new patient acquisition to managing schedules and revenue results in a significant reduction in stress and burnout. The conversation stresses the importance of building and maintaining relationships with existing patients, recognizing the ease and familiarity that comes with treating those already familiar with the practice.

Navigating the Paradigm Shift in Chiropractic Care:

Exploring the paradigm shift within chiropractic care, the conversation draws parallels between crisis-focused treatment and crisis-driven marketing. The Smart Chiropractor advocates for a more sustainable model, aligning treatment philosophies with marketing strategies. The focus shifts from the influx of new patients to calculating net momentum, considering reactivations and attrition as vital components of practice success.

The Easiest Conversation:

For Drs. Jason and Jeff, discussing the significance of email lists with chiropractors is remarkably straightforward. Emphasizing the need for consistent communication beyond occasional reminders, they stress the value of building relationships through engaging, inspiring, educational content.

Teach and Invite Consistently:

Differentiating between transactional texts and relational email communication, the duo introduces the concept of teaching and inviting consistently. They advocate for delivering value through content focused on the patient’s well-being, creating meaningful connections that transcend mere transactions.

Know, Like, and Trust Factor:

Transitioning to the ‘Know, Like, and Trust’ factor, Dr. Jason underscores that healthcare decisions are emotional choices. Building enduring patient relationships lies in continuous, welcoming communication, aligning seamlessly with the fundamental philosophy of chiropractic care.


In the competitive field of chiropractic care, The Smart Chiropractor pioneers a data-driven, relationship-centric approach that transforms email lists into potent assets for practice growth. Embracing effective communication strategies, chiropractors can unlock the untapped potential within their email lists, revolutionizing patient engagement and fostering lasting connections. The insights from The Smart Chiropractor co-founders illuminate the transformative power of reactivations, offering a sustainable model that heals and propels the chiropractic profession into a balanced and fulfilling future.

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