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Bridging Balance: Chiropractic, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership

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Embark on a dual journey with Dr. Lauryn Brunclik, a pioneering chiropractor and host of the “She Slays the Day” podcast. Explore the challenges faced by female chiropractors, including burnout and career choices. Then, delve into a captivating conversation with Dr. Brunclik on clinic management, balancing energies in leadership, and the path to success and self-awareness in the chiropractic and entrepreneurial realms. Gain valuable insights from these remarkable women on the multifaceted world of chiropractic and entrepreneurship.

Setting the Stage:

Dr. Brunclik takes us backstage, unveiling the genesis of “She Slays the Day” during her transition from coaching to podcasting. The podcast’s millennial vibe mirrors her modern approach to addressing challenges within the realm of female chiropractors.

Shifting Focus:

Originally tailored for supporting female chiropractors, the podcast evolved as Dr. Lauryn observed a broader trend. Burnout, a universal issue, transcended gender boundaries, affecting millennial and Gen Z males alike. The podcast transformed into a platform addressing universal concerns and welcoming a diverse audience.

Navigating Burnout:

Dr. Lauryn candidly addresses the burnout epidemic within the chiropractic profession. Practitioners, irrespective of gender, often express feelings of inadequacy and unfulfillment, highlighting a common thread of lacking joy in their careers. This segment provides insights into recognizing and addressing burnout for practitioners across genders.

Freedom and Flexibility:

The discussion expands to explore evolving perspectives on work ethic across generations. Dr. Lauryn shares her personal journey, emphasizing the importance of balance, freedom, and the ongoing struggle faced by older generations resistant to prioritizing well-being over relentless work.

Relationship Dynamics:

Dr. Lauryn opens up about her personal life, discussing her dynamic with her husband, a crucial contributor to the podcast. Juggling multiple roles as a chiropractor, business owner, and mother, she provides insights into how her relationships contribute to her overall success.

The Masculine-Feminine Energy Balancing Act:

As a seasoned chiropractor and podcast host, Dr. Lauryn offers practical advice for female practitioners. She addresses the common challenge of aligning business ventures with personal passions, emphasizing self-awareness, realistic standards, and finding joy in the chiropractic journey. Dr. Lauryn Brunclik introduces the concept of balancing masculine and feminine energies in both personal relationships and business leadership. While business demands a goal-oriented, masculine approach, she emphasizes the importance of incorporating feminine qualities like empathy, listening, and vulnerability for effective leadership.

Lauryn shares her experience working with her husband in their business and the importance of maintaining a balance between masculine and feminine energies. She encourages leaders, irrespective of gender, to embrace feminine qualities for a more harmonious work environment.

Business as the Bottom of Maslow’s Hierarchy:

Reflecting on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Lauryn shares insights into the journey of chiropractors entering the profession. The challenges involve navigating financial concerns, survival mode, and constant problem-solving, forming a unique intersection of running a business and achieving self-fulfillment.

The Chiropractic Dilemma: Associates vs. Clinic Owners:

The discussion shifts to the challenges faced by chiropractic clinic owners in hiring associates. Lauryn explores the changing landscape where associates graduate with higher student loan debts, leading to difficulties in aligning salary expectations. The dilemma of salary structures is explored, emphasizing the need for clarity and fairness in compensation.

Embracing Vulnerability and Empathy in Leadership:

Delving into leadership dynamics, Lauryn advocates for a shift towards kind candor and effective communication. She emphasizes the need for leaders to create safe spaces for vulnerability and empathy in the workplace, fostering a culture of understanding and support.


Concluding our discussion with Dr. Lauryn Brunclik, her valuable insights illuminate the entrepreneurial landscape, addressing challenges in chiropractic and emphasizing the balance of masculine and feminine energies in leadership. Lauryn’s wisdom guides the establishment of thriving practices and meaningful relationships in the field, encapsulating the essence of our conversation. This dialogue aims to inspire positive transformations within the chiropractic community and beyond, highlighting the importance of self-awareness and finding joy in one’s path.

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