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Revolutionizing Documentation in Integrated Healthcare with FlexNote Technology

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Diving into a groundbreaking development that’s set to transform the way healthcare practitioners, especially in integrated clinics, document patient care – Dr. Roy, a board-certified surgeon turned tech enthusiast, is here to unveil the FlexNote technology, an innovative documentation platform designed to cater to the diverse needs of allopathic medical providers within the Genesis EHR system.

The Genesis Journey:

As we embark on this journey with Dr. Roy, it’s essential to understand the evolution of Genesis. Originally a cloud-based solution for high-volume chiropractic practices, Genesis has continually adapted to the changing healthcare landscape. With the rise of integrated clinics involving nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and medical doctors, a new challenge emerged – the need for seamless and efficient documentation that aligns with various medical workflows.

FlexNote Unveiled:

Dr. Roy introduces FlexNote, an integrated documentation platform developed from over a decade of clinical experience. The platform is specifically crafted to meet the unique documentation needs of allopathic medical practitioners within the Genesis EHR system.

Macro Magic:

FlexNote empowers practitioners with the ability to create custom macros – templates for notes or even entire documentation frameworks. Dr. Roy demonstrates the ease of adding a macro, saving time by eliminating the need to type repetitive information. Whether it’s a simple phrase or a comprehensive note, FlexNote’s macros streamline the documentation process.

Navigating the Allopathic Workflow:

Dr. Roy emphasizes the importance of accommodating different medical backgrounds within integrated clinics. FlexNote’s flexibility allows users to tailor templates and macros to their specific needs. The platform seamlessly integrates with various medical specialties, ensuring a smooth workflow for allopathic providers.

Field Navigation and Customization:

The platform offers smart placeholders called “fields,” allowing for dynamic information input. Dr. Roy showcases how fields can automatically pull in patient data and streamline the note creation process. Users can customize their templates, rearrange widgets, and create a personalized chart summary for efficient navigation.

Problem List Solutions:

One significant challenge in integrated clinics is managing a shared problem list. FlexNote addresses this by allowing each practitioner to have their own view of the problem list, avoiding collisions and ensuring accurate billing.

High-Level Application:

As Dr. Roy explores various templates, including JTech exams, radiology reports, and specific treatment plans like injections or laser therapy, the flexibility of FlexNote becomes evident. Practitioners can easily customize templates based on their specialty, ensuring accurate and comprehensive documentation for various treatments.


FlexNote is more than a documentation tool; it’s a revolution in integrated healthcare. Dr. Roy’s demonstration showcases the platform’s potential to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration within diverse medical practices. The Genesis Nation is excited to embrace this evolution and looks forward to witnessing the positive impact FlexNote will have on healthcare documentation. Stay tuned for more innovations from Genesis!

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