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The “Big 5” areas of chiropractic clinic performance | How do you rate?

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Chiropractic Clinic performance can be broken down into five major categories. Although many clinic owners generally perform well in a few or even most of these categories it is difficult to quantify just how good, good is.

It is even more difficult to determine exactly what changes need to be made to capitalize on this success or more importantly, how an owner should address suffering areas of performance without disrupting the success in the other areas of Chiropractic Clinic performance. All too often owners are faced with decisions regarding the implementation of new solutions be it a technique, methodology or even software. The big question is how will these new changes affect the overall bottom line of the clinic? Can they be quantified? The answer is ‘yes’ when it comes to matters of the patient life cycle and the tools used to see certain tasks to completion.

Once you are aware of the potential lost revenue in these areas, the biggest opportunity for improvement will automatically become clear. The next step would be an analysis of your existing chiropractic billing and practice management system to determine if it is being properly utilized. In some cases additional training of your staff or for the software can eliminate a few problems. If there is no improvement noticeable in spite of your efforts it may be necessary to consider other options for improving your bottom line.

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