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Improving documentation efficiency can double your clinic’s income

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What are your documentation costs?

Creating compliant chiropractic SOAP note documentation costs the average chiropractor $2.50 per minute according to and When considered as a per minute rate only, this does very little to stir a clinic owners emotions.

However, if we take that insignificant amount of $2.50 and multiply it by the average time a chiropractor spends documenting each visit (5.78 minutes when done in office) the number quickly grows to $14.45. If we then take that number and multiply it by the average number of monthly visits for US based chiropractors (537) our previously inconspicuous number now begins to take shape in the form of $7,759.65. Multiply this number by 12 and we end up with a figure just south $95,000.

Now for the emotional climax compare this $93,115 in annual documentation cost to the average income of a US based chiropractor which was $133,155 for 2012. Genesis chiropractic software users can create fully medicare compliant SOAP notes in 15 seconds. How much is your current method of documentation costing you?

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View a video of the entire documentation feature in action.

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