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Start Here to Create Your Dream Chiropractic Practice and your Dream Life

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chiropractic dream practiceWe’ve talked a lot about how running your chiropractic office like a big business and how using a proactive chiropractic practice management technology like Genesis Chiropractic Software will improve the patient experience.  We’ve shown how following our Genesis Chiropractic Software process will increase patient retention and boost revenue as well as your compliance.  Now, let’s take a moment to discuss a vital point to creating both your dream life and your dream practice…your starting point, your Big Why.

The number one thing to remember, no matter what you are trying to accomplish, is that you have to have a big enough reason for doing it. You have to determine what is your Big Why.  Finding your Big Why creates a dramatic shift in your life.  But, how do you decide what it is?

To get started, you have to spend time thinking about what you really want in your life.  What type of relationship do you want?   What type of financial situation do you want to be in?  What is your dream life?  What does your dream chiropractic practice look like?  You even have to include some superficial things like what type of car you want to drive.  You have to create it as a picture you can see in your head.  It must feel real to you.

The power of finding your Big Why is that it gives you a map to your future.  From relationships to finances and everything in between, you begin to focus on your goals on a daily basis, which allows you to back into them by determining what tasks you need to complete to make those goals a reality.

One of the most powerful things I’ve ever learned came from a mentor of mine.  He told me that I needed to schedule my life, every single minute of my day to reach my goals and put double yellow lines around it.  So, what does putting double yellow lines around it mean?  He explained that “When you’re driving and there are double yellow lines, you don’t cross them.”  The same is true for scheduling your goals.  You put the double yellow lines around them and never cross those lines.  Because, if you cross those lines, you are giving up on your dreams.

Watch out where you paint those double yellow lines!

Watch out where you paint those double yellow lines!

Once you can picture your dream life and chiropractic practice in every detail, you have your Big Why.  Your next step is to review your goals daily.  The reason you have to continuously review your goals is because, just like your patients forget how important Chiropractic is to their lives if you don’t remind them, you will forget the reasons you are working so hard to reach your goal.  It’s human nature.

Often times the missing ingredient for success is the consistency over time.  Like exercise.  If you make sure you do it right every day you are guaranteed the fitness level you are aiming for.  When it comes to double yellow lines in your practice, there are things you and your team MUST do consistently to have a healthy and fit practice.

Remember the three things we mentioned earlier.  Revenue, retention, and compliance.  For a optimal retention rate your team must follow up and reschedule all no shows as well as confront the patients that will not reschedule.  Making sure that happens perfectly every time is how you get the result you want.  When your retention is optimized for your practice model (no shows are just one metric that affects retention) you are now in total control.  You can now predictably have the practice and goals you are searching for.

A proactive chiropractic practice management system like Genesis Chiropractic Software pushes those tasks right to your team.  In essence it is like adding to their schedule, what they need to do to help you and your practice reach your goals and dreams.  All you have to do is keep them accountable to one thing.  Finishing their tasks.  Double yellow lines.

Creating your Big Why is the most important step you will take toward building your dream life and dream practice.  It gives you a reason to get up every day and work toward your goals and allows you to map out a path to your future.  Once you have your Big Why and put those double yellow lines around it, anything you do that keeps you from reaching those goals will create anxiety for you because you are not living in congruence with your dreams.  With your Big Why in place, working toward your goals will become easier, more natural and success will come more quickly.

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