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Secrets of Google Relationship Optimization

 In chiropractic software

Welcome back, Genesis Nation! Today, we’re diving deep into the world of digital marketing with a special guest, Kraig Bond from Elite Results Marketing. Kraig brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in internet marketing, particularly in the realms of custom websites and SEO (or as he aptly terms it, Google Relationship Optimization). Let’s uncover the insights shared in this enlightening conversation.

The Importance of Custom Websites:

Kraig emphasizes the critical role that a custom website plays in a chiropractor’s digital marketing strategy. A website isn’t just a virtual storefront; it’s a dynamic sales tool that should effectively communicate your brand, services, and expertise to potential clients. Investing time and resources into building a tailored website is essential for attracting and converting traffic effectively.

The Four Levers of Reputation:

In crafting a custom website, Kraig highlights the importance of focusing on reputation, reach, resell, and referral. These four pillars form the foundation of a chiropractor’s online presence, encompassing everything from reviews to brand representation. Custom imagery, carefully curated content, and strategic design elements all contribute to elevating a chiropractor’s brand and attracting more clients.

The SEO Puzzle:

Moving beyond traditional SEO tactics, Kraig introduces the concept of Google Relationship Optimization. This holistic approach recognizes that SEO isn’t just about keyword rankings; it’s about building a meaningful relationship with Google through various digital touchpoints. From building citations to creating engaging content, every aspect of digital marketing should work in harmony to enhance visibility and credibility.

Unlocking Google’s Algorithm:

Understanding Google’s algorithm is like deciphering a complex puzzle. Kraig breaks it down into three key phases: explicitly expressing your desired search intent, earning the right to be AB tested through engagement signals, and optimizing user experience to drive conversions. By aligning your website with Google’s goals and user expectations, you can improve your chances of ranking higher and attracting more qualified leads.

User-Centric Design:

Kraig emphasizes the importance of user-centric design in website development. Every aspect of the website, from layout to functionality, should prioritize the user’s experience. Features like mobile optimization, easy navigation, and prominent call-to-action buttons ensure that visitors can easily find what they’re looking for and take the desired action.


In a digital landscape where competition is fierce and attention spans are short, mastering the art of Google Relationship Optimization is essential for chiropractors looking to thrive online. By focusing on reputation, engaging content, and user-centric design, chiropractors can build a robust online presence that attracts, engages, and converts potential clients. Thank you, Kraig Bond, for sharing your invaluable insights with us today!

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