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WebExercises and Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

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Welcome back, Genesis Nation! Today, we’re diving into a game-changing integration that is transforming the landscape of chiropractic care. We have the pleasure of hosting Dr. David Cruz, the mastermind behind Web Exercises, a platform designed to seamlessly integrate exercise prescription with chiropractic care. But that’s not all; we’re also exploring the exciting world of Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM), a potential game-changer for chiropractors seeking to validate and bill for their services remotely.

The Birth of WebExercises:

In our conversation with Dr. Cruz, we learned about the genesis of Web Exercises. It all started 15-16 years ago when Dr. Cruz, a self-proclaimed movement geek, recognized the powerful synergy between chiropractic care and exercise. The challenge was to find a way to engage patients beyond the confines of the chiropractic office. Enter Web Exercises – a platform that allows healthcare providers, including chiropractors, to create, send, and remotely monitor personalized exercise programs for their patients.

The Integration with Genesis:

The beauty of Web Exercises lies in its seamless integration with Genesis chiropractic software. Dr. Cruz demonstrated how chiropractors can effortlessly access and incorporate exercise programs into their patient documentation. With just a few clicks, exercises tailored to a patient’s specific needs and conditions can be added to their profile, ensuring continuity of care beyond the chiropractic office.

Creating Tailored Exercise Programs:

Dr. Cruz showcased the user-friendly interface of Web Exercises, making it easy for chiropractors to create personalized exercise programs. Whether addressing low back pain, neck issues, or postural concerns, the platform offers an extensive library of exercises searchable by keywords, body regions, equipment, and more. Additionally, pre-built protocols and evidence-based exercise recommendations further streamline the process.

The Chiropractic Mirror Image Library:

For chiropractors utilizing Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) or those seeking mirror image exercises, Web Exercises offers a specialized library. This feature enables chiropractors to choose exercises that align with CBP principles, ensuring a comprehensive approach to patient care.

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM):

Dr. Cruz provided a sneak peek into the evolving landscape of Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM). This emerging trend allows healthcare providers, including chiropractors, to bill for creating, sending, and remotely monitoring patients’ musculoskeletal information. While the field is still navigating regulatory nuances, early signs indicate that RTM could become an industry standard, allowing chiropractors to be reimbursed for the valuable services they provide remotely.


Our discussion with Dr. Cruz has shed light on the impactful intersection of chiropractic care and exercise prescription. Web Exercises, coupled with the potential of Remote Therapeutic Monitoring, opens new doors for chiropractors to enhance patient outcomes and streamline their practices. As we continue to explore the evolving landscape of healthcare, innovations like Web Exercises are paving the way for a future where movement truly matters in holistic patient care. Stay tuned for more updates and insights from Genesis Nation!

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