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Understanding the Impact of ChiroHealth USA

 In chiropractic software

Greetings, Genesis Nation! Today, we embark on a journey into the transformative realm of ChiroHealth USA, a true revolutionary in chiropractic care. Through an exclusive interview with Kristi Hudson, VP of Business Relations at ChiroHealth USA, we unravel the untold story, exploring the history and profound impact of a service that has empowered chiropractors nationwide.

The Genesis:

ChiroHealth USA finds its roots in the passion of Dr. Ray Foxworth, a second-generation chiropractor devoted to serving his community. Triggered by a pivotal moment where a patient accused him of insurance exploitation, Dr. Foxworth recognized the need for change. Thus began his quest to create a solution that would empower chiropractors, ensuring fair compensation while staying compliant with legal and regulatory standards.

The Problem:

Addressing the significant disparity in reimbursement compared to other healthcare practitioners became a primary goal for ChiroHealth USA. Chiropractors, despite providing similar services, faced lower payments due to misconceptions and lower fees. This financial hurdle prompted the birth of a service set to revolutionize the chiropractic landscape.

The Birth of ChiroHealth USA:

In 2008, Dr. Foxworth laid the foundation for ChiroHealth USA in Mississippi, intending to assist colleagues. Fate, however, had grander plans. The concept captured the attention of industry experts like Kathy Mills Chang, propelling ChiroHealth USA to become a nationwide phenomenon by 2010.

Breaking the Mold:

ChiroHealth USA boldly shattered industry norms by refusing to dictate fees to chiropractors. Recognizing diverse economic landscapes, the service offered a customizable approach, empowering chiropractors to set fees suiting their practices. A 30-day opt-out clause provided flexibility, ensuring chiropractors were not bound to contracts that could lead to financial losses.

Giving Back to the Profession:

ChiroHealth USA was not solely focused on revolutionizing chiropractic billing; it was about giving back. Foxworth’s commitment extended to a foundation supporting chiropractic progress, research initiatives, and legislative endeavors. The service has donated millions, driving research projects and strategic plans aiming to advance chiropractic care.

Supporting Chiropractic Growth:

Kristi Hudson emphasizes that ChiroHealth USA transcends mere product sales; it’s about empowering chiropractors. Serving as a compliance-focused and legal way for chiropractors to attract more patients under cash and time-of-service discounts, it aids practices in transitioning from insurance reliance to cash-based models, fostering growth and sustainability.


ChiroHealth USA stands tall as a beacon of change in the chiropractic world. From its humble beginnings to empowering over 7,000 chiropractic offices and serving 1.5 million patients, the service continues to shape the landscape of chiropractic care. In an industry fraught with challenges and regulations, ChiroHealth USA remains a steadfast ally, offering not just a service but a movement toward a more equitable and prosperous future for the chiropractic profession.

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