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New Genesis Chiropractic Software (POS) Inventory Management Feature

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If you are selling products at your practice, Point of Sale items most likely make up a significant portion of your revenue. Running a doctors office and keeping up with the track of your products inventory could be overwhelming. You might run a chance of having an upset patient that is not able to pick up an item at your clinic because you ran out of it. Relying on your own or your office manager’s memory to keep your inventory current, or perhaps manually review your inventory every month, will leave plenty of room for mistakes that you are not ready to afford.

Genesis Chiropractic Software is one of the few practice management systems that includes Point of Sale feature as a component of its standard configuration. If you do not sell to patient any items, you may not care about the inventory. However, if your POS makes up a significant source of added revenue, you need to control the flow of items into and out of your practice inventory.

In order to increase your practice profitability, it is necessary to have the right supplies on hand and to eliminate all products that are not popular and do not sell. With Genesis Chiropractic Software you can easily track the average income of a specific product and view total product sales by name or SKU.

Genesis Chiropractic Software has integrated inventory control in its standard workflow control and you do not need to periodically look at your inventory reports. You will receive low inventory levels alerts automatically from our Genesis system.
Further, with our Genesis Chiropractic Software (POS) you can:

    • Adjust your inventory automatically with invoice creation
    • Create patient invoices directly from your scheduler or POS screen
    • Set automated reminders to reorder stock when needed
    • Use touch-screen monitors to select inventory

Genesis Chiropractic Software – Point Of Sale – Inventory Management Workflow Video

Point of Sale

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