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Kickstart Your Chiropractic Practice

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Genesis Chiropractic Software is a Practice Management Strategy that actually works!Too many times, your chiropractic practice can languish.  You may be doing well but still have more room to grow or maybe you have been seeing a decline in the number of new patients or number of patient visits.  You may even just be starting out and trying to figure out how to bring in new patients, pay the bills, and just keep the doors open.  The key to overcoming these challenges is to take immediate action and there is no more powerful action you can take to kickstart your chiropractic practice than putting Genesis Chiropractic Software to work for you.  In fact, you can power your entire practice with Genesis.

Statistics show that new practices that use Genesis Chiropractic Software have proven increases in revenue, retention, and compliance.  Even better, these are not small numbers.  Practices using Genesis have seen a 32% increase in patient compliance, a 26% increase in patient retention, and a 62% increase in revenue.

Genesis is a web-based practice management software that combines the tools and training you need to rapidly increase your professional growth.  It combines an exclusive workflow, documentation, scheduling, and billing.  Genesis Chiropractic Software is a practice management strategy that actually works.  The software has been demonstrated to be a highly valuable and rewarding platform for startups. Whether you’re in the development phase or looking to start generating more patients, Genesis is something that can help you succeed online.

The platform has added benefit by saving you and your staff time every day.  The time you will spend in Genesis depends on how much of the solution your practice uses. However, the average daily note can be accomplished in under 15 seconds and under 2 clicks.  Many visits require much less.  This makes Genesis a powerful time management tool.

Genesis Chiropractic Software is a practice management strategy that actually works.

The Genesis billing platform is a vital component to the revenue increase practices experience when using the software.  It is such a robust tool because:

  • Over a dozen teams work for you round the clock to follow up on claims and ensure maximum clean claims with maximum reimbursement
  • Auto-prioritization means the system decides what needs to be followed up on by over 20 MILLION different rules updated daily
  • Real time updates to claim balances means statements are always current
  • Patient questions are answered with a single click. No more sifting through pages and pages of data to find a simple claim update or balance owed
  • Claims are submitted with the highest clean claims rate
  • Fee schedules are reviewed multiple times a year to ensure maximum compliance and reimbursement

Whether you are experiencing difficulties in your current practice, are starting a new one, or just want to take your practice to the next level and experience greater success, Genesis Chiropractic Software can help you.  Developed by chiropractors, for chiropractors, it is by far the most powerful tool available, allowing chiropractic practices to increase patient retention, compliance, and revenue all in one platform.

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