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Genesis Chiropractic Software Has Made Life Easier

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Patient Retention With Genesis Chiropractic Software Has Made Life Easier for This Chiropractor

In our last blog post, we looked at a just a couple of the success stories Chiropractors have experienced using Genesis Chiropractic Software in their practices.  Today, I wanted to take you to the office of Dr. Charles Majors.  Dr. Majors has a high-volume practice, with 1,500 patient visits each week.  Leveraging the power of Genesis in his practice has allowed him to increase patient retention, collection, compliance, referrals, and more.

Dr. Charles Majors uses Genesis Chiropractic Software.According to Dr. Majors, Genesis has, “allowed our collections to go up.”  Since he no longer has to worry about collections and the practice’s cash flow, he can stay focused on what’s really important – his patients.

“As a chiropractor, my number one thing is putting my hands on patients and changing their lives… not having to worry whether the money is happening.  With Genesis and Billing Precision, it’s like having an amazing C.A. (chiropractic assistant) in your practice, who is collecting and getting it done.”

Genesis has also helped Dr. Majors improve patient retention.  With Genesis, he always knows exactly where a patient is in their treatment plan.  He can pull up their x-rays and go over them with the patient and says that Genesis is quicker and more efficient than his previous system.

“I can look right at the screen and know if the patient has missed an appointment.  I know that instead of being three times a week, they’ve been two times a week.  If I can move them to three times a week – like they should be – it saves their life and increases collections.”

Genesis Chiropractic Software makes it easy because when patients scan in at the front desk, if they are missing appointments, a red screen pops up.  Dr. Majors’ staff immediately know to talk to the patient about scheduling their visits.

Dr. Majors says, “Since we’ve gotten (Genesis) and Billing Precision, patient retention is better.  Patients are staying longer… compliance is better.”

With patients staying on schedule with their treatment plans and remaining in care longer, collections are way up for Dr. Majors, all without him having to work more to get it done.

Another benefit, he has seen has been an increase in referrals for his practice.  Dr. Majors attributes this to the fact that since patients aren’t missing visits, they are getting better faster and telling others about it.

According to Dr. Majors, there are also hidden benefits to having these systems in place.  He says, “When collections go up and volume goes up, C.A.’s are happier and life gets easier.”

Dr. Majors has seen the power of Genesis Chiropractic Software at work in his practice.  From increased collections and patient retention to happier patients, who refer more, Genesis has helped transform his high-volume practice and make life easier for him and his staff.

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