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What Are We Thankful For People?

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Happy people use Genesis Chiropractic Software.What We Are Thankful for at Genesis Chiropractic Software

With the holiday season here, I just wanted to take this chance to tell you all what we here at Genesis Chiropractic Software are thankful for.  Often as a business we get in the mode of just demonstrating how our product works to help our potential clients but the holidays remind us to be thankful for the things we already have.  So, today, I want to talk about how grateful we are for the over 7,000 users who have already leveraged the power of Genesis to make running their practices easier and more profitable.

Dr. Charles Majors DC uses Genesis Chiropractic Software.I want to thank Dr. Charles Majors who said to us, “As a chiropractor, my number one thing is putting my hands on patients and changing their lives… not having to worry whether the money is happening.  With Genesis and Billing Precision, it’s like having an amazing C.A. (chiropractic assistant) in your practice, who is collecting and getting it done.”

Dr. Majors, we are thankful for you and your practice.  We are happy that we have been able to work with you to increase your practice’s patient retention, collections, compliance, and more.

Chiropractor Dr. Chris Zaino uses Genesis Chiropractic Software.I want to thank Dr. Chris Zaino, a Genesis user who says that our software has given him the power to connect with his patients in a split second.   We are thankful to partner with Dr. Zaino and watch the amazing increase in patient compliance his practice has experienced.

I also want to thank Dr. Jason Haas who told us that Genesis, “gives our practice an incredible certainty we couldn’t get with other practice software.”

Dr. Troy Dreiling uses Genesis Chiropractic Software.And, Dr. Troy Dreiling who said, “One of the issues that always comes up is billing… Genesis Chiropractic Software and working with them has been amazing for me.  I have tried lots of different software.  The staff would put in the CPT codes and the diagnosis codes or they’ve tried to do the chart notes and help me.  We’ve hired different companies or different employees to do the things that actually help get our billing done and in compliance… Genesis Chiropractic Software has been amazing at that.  Number one, it’s very, very easy.”

These are just a few of the testimonials we have received from practices using Genesis.  And, every time we read a new one, we are reminded of why we do this in the first place… to leverage the power of the patient experience to build stronger, better, more profitable chiropractic practices.

It is working with doctors and practices like these every day that make being part of the Genesis Chiropractic Software team so rewarding.  Being able to see every day practices go from struggling to successful… watching practices use Genesis to increase patient retention and compliance, improve collections, and boost the patient experience.  Here at Genesis, we are thankful for our clients… our partners in healthcare.

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Dr. Charles Majors DC uses Genesis Chiropractic Software.Cleargage is integrated into Genesis Chiropractic Software