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Chiropractic Practice Management and Quality Time in Our Marriage – Kestner, DC

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Hi, I’m Dr. Jason Kestner, my wife and I are currently in a practice in Nashville, Tennessee and I know a lot of people probably talk in terms of finances and what Billing Precision does for them.

We’ve both been with Billing Precision now for about three years ever since we’ve opened our practice and in terms of truly understanding what it does for us actually in our adjustment base, you can actually do the notes in that right there you know while the patient’s in there.
So that just makes it to where after hours you’re not having to sit down and spend hours doing this and when I look at it from you know not necessarily from a financial standpoint but from just what it’s done for our marriage because now we have quality time together, that’s just amazing.
So you know I can almost thank Billing Precision for our marriage in a sense how great it is but with that said you know it’s just been really easy in terms of working a practice years ago and we had that note, the card notes, travel cards and just to have to try to keep up with those, it was just insanity. So now it’s just made my life easier, my wife’s life easier, and it’s just been great having Billing Precision on board.
The Billing Precision software has been re-branded as Genesis Chiropractic Software.
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