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The Secret to Never Missing Patient Payments and Insurance Collections

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Increase collections with your Genesis chiropractic software. chiropractic insurance collections

Maximize your Insurance Collections for Your Chiropractic Practice!

Chiropractic insurance collections is a hot topic. Chiropractic Practices rely on separate reports and manual processes for follow up on patient payments and insurance claims. If you look at a report that lists hundreds of your outstanding insurance claims, how do you tell which claims need follow-up and more importantly, what information do they need from you to be corrected and resubmitted?

Imagine never using a report to find out what an insurance claim is missing. Imagine a tool that tells you exactly what to do to correct the claim, and then resubmits it for you with a click of a button. Imagine the increased revenue for your Chiropractic Practice. Imagine the time savings that you can now spend with your patients.

Well, imagine no more. The tool is called The Genesis Provider Workbench and you can learn about it in this 22 minute webinar.


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