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Chiropractic EHR software | Improve patient retention with Care Plans

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Does paying your monthly overhead stress you out because your chiropractic clinic is plagued by patient no-shows?

It is impossible to predict your clinic’s cash flow when your patients are non-compliant with your prescribed care plans. Needless to say, patients who miss their appointments won’t get better.

Inconsistent patient flow also hinders practice growth and profitability. But your clinic’s cash flow can take an even bigger hit when you have to return payments for unfinished care plans. Not to mention the possible compliance issues resulting from this.

You can figure out how much your chiropractic clinic might be losing due to unfinished care plans when you replace the assumptions below with your own numbers and complete the calculations.

For example:

  • 1 visit = $30
  • 1 care plan = 30 visits
  • Average number of no-shows per care plan: 15

Calculations: Potential income and losses from unfinished care plans per patient:

  • Potential income from 1 care plan: 30 visits x $30 = $900
  • Potential loss from no-shows per care plan: 15 visits x $30 = $450
Conclusion: You risk losing half of your income when patients don’t finish their care plans!
Just how can you identify patients who don’t understand the need for multiple visits to achieve their health goals? First of all, you need to know what the entire care plan looks like in order to track multiple visits. All patients go through a traditional treatment step-down ladder, such as four visits per week for the first four weeks, then three visits per week for the next three weeks. Such unique nuances on many patient schedules are difficult to track manually, and this difficulty grows dramatically with each added chiropractic care plan. Tracking the respective discounts given for each care plan is nearly impossible without a tool.
Thousands of care plans are created for new patients every month,  to schedule multiple appointments and then track all payments and visits in your Genesis EHR software.  When patients don’t show up for their appointments you can receive automated notifications in form of tickets on your Genesis chiropractic software workbench. When patients don’t have a future appointment scheduled or when they cancel their existing appointments you can receive alerts via tickets. That way you can assign your staff the task of scheduling the next appointment.
Another useful tool for helping your patients stay on track with their care plans are appointment reminders sent via phone, text, or email. Genesis chiropractic software has integrated several apps which serve this purpose.

To set up chiropractic care plan when your patients come into your clinic, simply go to the Genesis Scheduler and click on the “More” tab to open the wizard. You can also create a full care plan from the patient account. Make sure you turn on the settings in your Genesis chiropractic software for Patient Relationship Management and Reminders.

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