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XDocs: Going Paperless Means Saving Time and Money and The Environment

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Genesis Chiropractic Software rolls out new XDocs feature for all clients. The time to go paperless has come. It’s been awhile since your practice has been open. We know that you have spent countless hours and that you have taken great care in developing your paperwork to be the most effective, easy to use document you can imagine.  Genesis Chiropractic Software is introducing super easy to use digital format that will provide numerous benefits to your chiropractic practice!

What is XDocs?

XDocs is the digital version of the forms that you have in your office.  We have created a Team whose primary goal is to convert your paper forms into a usable digital file that is integrated with your Vericle system EHR. All you need to do is scan a copy of your form, attach it to a ticket, send that ticket to support and let us do the rest. Once an XDoc has been created and uploaded by our team it will become accessible from the patient travel card via our scheduler or the EMR/ EHR control screen. Genesis Chiropractic Software is currently building a library of common, high customize-able forms that we can share across our network. Further, XDocs is the result of a large and ongoing collaboration between YOU ( our clients) and Genesis Chiropractic Software to streamline chiropractic practice management solution to be the most effective for you. XDocs allows your practice to go digital without losing important or familiar forms and without altering a familiar patient experience.

Saving Time and Money and the environment!

    • Now that your forms are digital,  you will no longer need to scan completed forms into your system to be part of the patients medical record.  
    • Having large quantities of paper in your office or stacks of forms is no longer needed as the forms are stored on your computer.
    • No more money or time spent copying blank forms to be used in your office.
    • Shredding paper documents will become a thing of the past.
    • Going green.
    • Etc…

There are many more benefits of going paperless.

The introduction of XDocs allows your practice to efficiently move into a completely paperless environment, with a minimal learning curve.  Open a ticket to your Practice Management Coach (PMC) to see what XDocs we have available and to schedule time with the XDocs team to get your practice started!

Learn more about xDocs incorporated into Genesis Chiropractic Software.

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