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Multy-level Audit Management Process Technology

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Genesis Chiropractic Software audit management module automatically selects a percentage of claims worked by each team at the end of the day for first level audit. The claims are tracked via a special-purpose quality assurance (QA) workbench that ensures that all of the selected claims are reviewed and flagged as pass or fail.

The audit is:

    • Multifunctional: it includes both data entry and insurance follow up functions. Claims that fail the audit are automatically routed back to the team’s workbench for rework. Once an audit fails, the next audit sample is increased.
    • Multilevel: it progresses from original team to audit team, to SPOC. Claims that pass the audit are re-sampled, and a percentage of the passed claims are selected for re-audit by a third-party auditing team.

This automated multilevel audit feature distinguishes Genesis Chiropractic Software from other billing services that typically have only one team checking claims for appropriate action.

Caveat: all processes, and especially those involving humans, are less than 100% error-free.

Customers are reminded that they must periodically review Vericle’s records, and reconcile their bank accounts with Vericle at least once every month.

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