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V29 Release Notes

 In New Features

Incoming Fax Queue

  • Access to the “Incoming Fax Queue” feature is out of beta testing now and available for everyone. We are beta testing the ability to port over an existing fax number.

Documentation Updates

  • Roster: The payment type dropdown in the billing review screen has been improved. It will now default to ‘Cash’ instead of showing up blank.
  • Charts: Access to Web Exercises is now available in the Chart summary for those practices that are subscribed, allowing you to access the patient’s exercises without creating a note.


Patient Portal Enhancements

  • Customization Alert! Practices can now determine the length of the invite code dispatched to the patient, with a minimum setting of 9 digits. This allows for a more user-friendly URL for your patients.


Patient Self-Registration

  • Boost Patient Engagement: Introduce a direct link on your website enabling patients to self-register for the Genesis Patient Portal. Once registered, a patient account is seamlessly set up in Genesis. However, please note:
    • This is optimized exclusively for new patients. Existing patients with accounts in Genesis trying to re-register will receive an alert prompting them to reach out to your practice.


We’re continually striving to offer you the best. Stay tuned for more updates and improvements!