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New Features: Appointment Waiting List & Patient Responsibility Estimator

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At Genesis Chiropractic Software, we are passionate about innovating to provide solutions that streamline your practice. We are thrilled to announce two new features that will elevate how your front office operates. These features, Appointment Waiting List and Patient Responsibility Estimator, are set to roll out over the next month. As such, some users may see the features sooner than others.

Appointment Waiting List

Screenshot of the new Appointment Waiting List feature in the Genesis Chiropractic Software, showcasing an organized list of patient names waiting for their upcoming appointments.

The first feature is the Appointment Waiting List, a tool designed to take the hassle out of managing patient appointments. It creates a systematic and efficient platform for tracking patients waiting for an appointment or looking for an earlier slot. This feature aims to replace cumbersome Excel spreadsheets traditionally used for this purpose and is set to roll out from May 20th.

The Appointment Waiting List is particularly crucial for front office staff, making their job more manageable by automatically prompting the removal of patients from the list once their appointments are scheduled. It will be available on all versions of our software except the Legacy version.

Patient Responsibility Estimator

Our second innovation is the Patient Responsibility Estimator. This tool uses specific data such as payer/CPT specific expected allowed amounts, patient information like deductible, co-pay, and coinsurance, and existing claims on the account to estimate the amount to be collected from the patient at the time of the visit.

The goal here is to improve collections. By giving you a close estimate of what is expected, you can collect now, rather than waiting until the claim processes, or only collecting the co-pay. This preemptive measure helps close the gap on potential losses when trying to collect after the fact. If an overestimation occurs, you can issue a refund or apply it to a later date of service.

The Patient Responsibility Estimator is a game-changer for office staff and the practice owner. It eliminates guesswork regarding collections and reduces time spent following up with patients. The result is a practice that potentially loses less money due to uncollected patient responsibilities.

This feature is compatible with versions v26/v27 of our software. Although it is available now, we do have some enhancements set to come out with version v27.

In Summary

These two new features – Appointment Waiting List and Patient Responsibility Estimator – are both demonstrations of our commitment to continually improve and streamline Genesis Chiropractic Software based on your needs.

We’re excited to roll out these features over the next month, and while the release might be staggered, rest assured that every user will soon have access to these fantastic new additions. As always, your feedback is invaluable to us, and we can’t wait to hear your experiences with these new tools.