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Chiropractor Software

Chiropractor SoftwareAll medical clinics, including a chiropractor’s practice, require accurate diagnosis, targeted treatment, and efficient operation. From reducing downtime due to missed appointments, incorrect billing information, or increasing patient retention, a chiropractor will always benefit from streamlining their practice. A good chiropractor will include the following into their clinic, and overall operation:

  • Efficient diagnosis and treatment
  • Dedicated, friendly staff
  • Memorable patient support services
  • Quality care

What might separate a good chiropractor from a great chiropractor comes down to one aspect that is often unthought of: chiropractor software. The right software can make an enormous difference in how an office is run.

If you are a chiropractor interested in having the latest chiropractor software, but would like to know more about the benefits of having state of the art technology in your office, consider the following:

The Advantages of Chiropractic Software

The dynamic between hardware and software can be illustrated perfectly with a visit to the chiropractor. To put it another way, think about a patient with neck pain; this is the hardware. The discs of the spine and tissues around the area serve as the elements of the hardware. At the same time, the chiropractor’s knowledge, experience, and prowess acts as the software. When the patient leaves the office, he or she will very likely feel much better after having an adjustment. This is the extension of a software application that has aiding ailing hardware.

To add to this parallel, ask yourself “why wouldn’t a chiropractor utilize the best means for effective treatment?” Thanks to technology, chiropractor software has enabled smart chiropractic clinics. Genesis Chiropractic Software elevates chiropractic care and therapy. Developed specifically for chiropractors, our software provides you and your staff the necessary resources and tools needed to have a highly successful, top-level clinic.

Genesis Chiropractic Software is considered to be one of the top software systems for chiropractors. Our all in one platform can handle nearly every demand of a busy office. Rest assured managing your practice will be made easier when you choose our chiropractic software. Some of the features included are:

  • Multi-specialty/provider and multi-location optimized
  • Flexible billing options (in-house/outsourced)
  • Underpaid and failed claim routing
  • Automatic patient balance payments and statements
  • Fully customizable schedule
  • Text, email, and chat appointment reminders
  • Care plan wizard
  • Check in alerts
  • Online patient scheduling
  • HIPAA secure online forms
  • SOAP note and matching claim submission in 0-15 seconds
  • Multiple integration options (Cash Practice, Cleargage, Sked, etc)
  • PCI compliant credit card storage
  • Sales tax tracking
  • Incredible support from the moment you join us

How Chiropractic Can Software Help Grow Your Business

If your chiropractic practice is new, and you are still growing your patient base, you may question the need for a top-of-the-line chiropractic software solution. Maybe you feel that your current methods for billing and practice management are working fairly well so far. What can an upgrade to a new software solution do for you that your existing process is not doing?

Improve Billing and Accounting

One of the more obvious uses for chiropractor software is to streamline and simplify billing and collections.

In addition to the basics of producing invoices and receipts and recording payments, Genesis Chiropractic Software can help you monitor the status patient accounts more easily. Our automated solution means you can send timely reminders for past due balances and generate financial records and reports that help you stay on track. You gain greater visibility into your practice’s financial position and can better plan for growth.

Make Your Office More Efficient

Efficiency is not an abstract idea; it is a practical benefit that helps propel your business forward. Being able to make and track appointments reliably means effectively planning your day, as well as avoiding mix-ups that frustrate patients.

A software solution like Genesis Chiropractic Software keeps patient and practice data organized and more accessible and provides you and your office manager with knowledge you can turn into action.

Help You Provide Better Care

The right chiropractor software will make vital patient information secure, centralized and organized and thus more useful to you and your staff. Having the history of your patients’ visits at your fingertips helps you be more proactive in keeping their course of treatment on track. If a patient has missed an appointment or has stopped coming in regularly, you can reach out to determine whether their condition has successfully resolved or whether they need some encouragement to stay on track.

Build Better Patient Relationships

The key to any service business is building relationships with clients. A better software solution helps you create a more organized and professional practice while making it easier to customize your services to each patient. Patient confidence in your practice is enhanced, and you build client loyalty that can lead to repeat business and referrals.

The best chiropractor software can do more than just provide the basics of billing and appointment setting. It could help you put your practice on a stronger footing and progress toward the next level of prosperity.

Genesis Chiropractic Software

Our chiropractor software has been selected by thousands of chiropractors, and named as one of the best options available. Created by a chiropractor in 2004, our software has been specifically designed for chiropractors. If you would like to review our impressive suite of features and services, please review our site and contact us to request a demo. We are confident in our chiropractor software and believe you will be too!