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Software Addresses Practice Workflow Issues

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Software Addresses Practice Workflow IssuesReady to Order?

Is Dr. Ben ready to take the plunge on practice management software?

“I don’t get it.” Carmen gazed at her husband across the table. “You find this software — what’s it called?”

“Genesis.” Ben looked up from the menu.

“Genesis, which will simplify your workflow, let Pam do her job better, and free up your time to concentrate on the patients, which is what you really care about — and you don’t buy it.

“I haven’t bought it yet,” Ben corrected her. “I think the decision’s pretty much made.”

“It has a dashboard, right? I know that was something that you wanted in your practice management software.”

“It does. It’s awesome, too — easy access current practice stats, month to date daily progress, all the patient information, and then it’s easy to get from the data to the actions the team needs to take.”

“From what you’ve told me about it, it seems as though Vericle really empowers the staff. They get to see their importance as partners in patient care.”

“That’s what the Vericle people tell us.”

Carmen nodded. “I’ve seen the difference it makes when your team really feels like a team. You might think you’re giving away some of the power, but giving people responsibility and accountability and making sure everyone understands his or her place in the mission of your business — it’s amazing how much difference that makes.”

“I believe you,” Ben said, “and it’s certainly not a question of worrying about giving away power.”

“What is it then?” Carmen leaned forward. “What’s keeping you from taking that step?”

“There are costs involved,” Ben said, “and change, and I’ve gotten a lot of pushback from some of the partners.”

“Tools cost money,” Carmen agreed, “but they’re an investment in your business. They pay off in the long run, if you choose the right tools. In this case, it seems like you’d see an increase in productivity.”

“Maybe,” said Ben, his eyes back on the menu. “But what if it doesn’t work?”

“What if it does — and you don’t try it?” Carmen waited for Ben to look up at her. “If you’re going to do it eventually and you expect it to have a positive ROI, waiting just means you’re losing money and opportunity until you take action.”

Ben thought about how much he’d already learned from the people at Genesis Chiropractic, and the changes he had already made in his practice — and the benefits he’d already seen. Why was he still waiting?

“You’re right,” he said. “I’ll call them this afternoon.”

“If it doesn’t work out, you can blame me,” said Carmen, “but I think Pam will be calling to thank me for helping you make the decision.”

The waitress appeared. “Hi, folks. I didn’t want to interrupt that intense conversation, but it looks like you’ve solved the problems of the world, so maybe you’d like to order now?”

“Maybe not all the problems of the world,” Ben laughed, “but enough that we can concentrate on lunch.”

Is Dr. Ben ready to take the plunge on practice management software?

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