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Shifting Your Own Paradigm for Higher Profit, Retention, and Compliance

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Chiropractic practice management

We’ve talked about how being introduced to Chiropractic shifts your patient’s paradigm.  Suddenly, they understand their health from an entirely new perspective.  But, what if you shift your own chiropractic practice management paradigm?  What can happen when you run your chiropractic practice in a whole new way?  Do you believe you could actually achieve 62% higher revenue?  Does is seem too good to be true that you could get 26% better patient retention and improve compliance by 32%?  It’s incredible but true that just by changing the technology you use in your office to a proactive Chiropractic software, these results aren’t just possible but easily achievable and have been proven.

Let’s take a look at an example that everyone knows about but may not have really given that much thought.  Ten years ago, if I had told you that you would pay a thousand dollars for a phone, you would have thought that I was crazy.  But, Steve Jobs changed all that and it all started with the iPod – not the iPhone.

When the iPod was first introduced, we were using a cell phone, a Walkman, a calculator, a camera…everything was separate.  Yet, when Steve Jobs introduced the iPod, he said that “what the iPod represents is way more important than what it actually is.”  He said, “This is a music playing device.  It’s a thousand songs in your pocket.  But what it represents is so much more.”

Increase retention, revenue and complianceWhy did he say that?  He said that because, on that day when he introduced the little iPod, he already had a prototype for the iPad.  He already knew that the iPhone was coming.  And, he knew that it was going to revolutionize the way we make phone calls, listen to music, surf the internet, share our lives with our friends, monitor our health and our finances, and so much more.  He already knew what it represented, this new technology, and that it was going to give us a whole new world, one we could never have conceived of before.

“Using a proactive Chiropractic practice management software in your office rather than an old reactive system creates an entirely new chiropractic practice.”

This one, seemingly small change in technology, has completely changed our lives.  And, one, seemingly small change in the technology you use in your practice can completely change it as well.  Little changes can make huge impacts when they are the right ones.

Using a proactive Chiropractic practice management software in your office rather than an old reactive system creates an entirely new chiropractic practice just like Steve Jobs created a new world that started with the introduction of the iPod.  With the implementation of this new system, you can go from searching through stacks of reports and still not ever really knowing if tasks are complete until they have slipped through the cracks and you have to manage the fallout to staying ahead of the processes of your business.

A proactive chiropractic software system not only finds the tasks required to complete a successful day in your office, it will assign the tasks to the best staff member to complete them, give you an instantaneous snapshot of the status of these tasks, and boil it all down to one number to let you know if you have achieved your goals for the day or if somewhere the ball was dropped.

This change, just like the introduction of a new music player, seems so simple but the results are dramatic.  Your office running at the optimum levels this proactive system creates really does equate to the 62% higher profits, 26% better patient retention, and the 32% increase in compliance that we talked about.   After all, would you go back to using a camera, a calculator, a Walkman, and a separate computer for everything even though the new technology cost more than any one of  those devices?  If you ask me, I’ll stick with my iPhone and my new Chiropractic software technology.  I like this new world.

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