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See Your Office From Anywhere in the World

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Dr. Michael Lagana uses Genesis Chiropractic Software.How Genesis Chiropractic Software Allows You to “See Your Office” From Anywhere in the World

Having a relief doctor come in and take care of your patients is a necessary part of today’s Chiropractic office environment. We all need time away to recharge, go on vacation with family, or just get a little time for ourselves. The question becomes- what happens in a busy office while you are away? Let’s take a look at a great example from one of our dedicated users.

Dr. Michael Lagana is an example of a Chiropractor enjoying tremendous success in using Genesis Chiropractic Software. Dr. Lagana owns the Backsmart Wellness Center in Edison, NJ and has been using the software for over 6 years. His integrated office offers chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy, physical therapy, and hypnotherapy for those who want an alternative approach to weight loss or help to stop smoking.

Dr. Lagana recently took a trip to Italy and was able to see any number of metrics about his office even while he was away.

He says, “I was able to not only log in to my system to see who was in my office, but how many patients I saw, what I billed that day, and what the status of my office was while I was in another country.”

For Dr. Lagana, this eliminated the stress that often comes with running your own practice.  He didn’t have to wait until he was home to find out whether the practice was performing optimally.  Instead, with Genesis, he had his practice at his fingertips… even a world away.

He loves the fact that he doesn’t have to worry about office cash flow or patient collections. Everything is within easy reach and his staff is able to manage these issues without him getting involved.

With Genesis, a simple click provides detailed practice metrics.  Without even stepping foot in his office, Dr. Lagana knows with 100% certainty whether his staff is performing all of the tasks that are required to ensure his practice remains successful.  He can see if a task has been missed, his front-desk staff forgot to make a follow-up call, or if an exam had to be re-scheduled.

No matter where they are in the world, the Genesis Software for Chiropractors gives clients all the information they need about their office, allowing them the opportunity to actually relax and enjoy that time away from the office.

Contact us today to see how we can help you achieve confidence and peace of mind the next time you need time away.

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