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PostureCo Integrated Within Genesis

 In chiropractic software, PostureScreen Mobile

PostureCoPostureCo, Inc. is a technology company focusing on posture analysis and spinal x-ray mensuration EMR products for healthcare professionals. In its PostureRay and PostureScreen Mobile applications, PostureCo uses computer images from a wide variety of formats to digitize specific anatomical locations, thereby generating documentation from everything from spinal health screenings to X-Ray documentation.


“When it comes to the spine, and addressing the issues I see in my practice, the more information I can provide my patients, the better. The detailed reports that PostureRay generates show exceptional detail, making it much easier to demonstrate and explain to patients where problems exist, and how adjustments can help. Further, as a patient goes through treatment, these images give them the opportunity to see just how much they’ve progressed, the corrections that have been made, and exactly how their pain has been eased. All of this adds up to greater patient understanding, compliance and satisfaction.”

–Brian Capra, DC


“One of the biggest challenges, as a chiropractor, is to be able to convey to my patients exactly what needs to be done, and why. Even with X-rays, there’s a level of remove between the images and the person’s comprehension of the problem. That’s what makes PostureRay such an indelible part of my practice. Their reports — which I know are backed by years of spinal research — present dynamic pictures that enhance patient education. It gives people a true inside look at what’s causing the problem, allowing me to easily demonstrate how I can help.”

–Joseph Ferrantelli, DC

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