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Patient Retention Success Stories

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We’ve talked a lot about how putting Genesis Chiropractic Software to work in your office can help you create a better patient experience, increase revenue, improve patient retention, and just generally make your life easier.  Today, I wanted to take the chance to introduce you to two of our real-world success stories, doctors just like you who leveraged the power of Genesis and have seen the incredible results first-hand.

Chiropractor Dr. Chris Zaino uses Genesis Chiropractic Software.The first doctor I’d like to introduce to you is Dr. Chris Zaino.  Dr. Zaino’s practice sees 2,600 patient visits each week.  A high-volume practice like this one is an amazing opportunity to change the lives of so many patients through the power of Chiropractic, but also provides many opportunities for patients to fall through the cracks.  That’s why Dr. Zaino is so happy with the access to patient care plans that Genesis provides.

Dr. Zaino says that the Genesis heat index that shows him and his staff immediately through a color-coded system whether a patient is missing visits gives him the opportunity to take action right away and get patients back on track with their care plans.  In the Genesis system, when a patient is compliant with their care plan, the screen you see is white.  If they miss a visit, it turns pink to warn you that they need to get back on track.  If more visits are missed, the screen will be red.

According to Dr. Zaino, that red screen is great for reminding him to take the time to connect with his patient and explain to them the importance of their care because for every visit they miss, they are “going backward”.  Dr. Zaino says, “It’s all about connecting and connecting can be done in a split second if you’re doing it right.”

Posture Screen is integrated into Genesis Chiropractic Software.Another doctor, who has harnessed the power of Genesis in his office is Dr. Jason Haas.  Dr. Haas loves the fact that the Genesis system is set-up to provide easy interface with the Posture Screen software.  He uses the Posture Screen tools in his office to educate his patients on what their posture looks like, should look like, and to provide follow-up data on changes in their posture as a result of their compliance with their care plan.

With Genesis and Posture Screen, Dr. Haas’ patients can see immediately what their posture looked like prior to care and how it has improved.  Dr. Haas says, “Genesis makes it easy to use with their interface.  This gives us an incredible practice certainty we couldn’t get with other practice software.”

The successes that Dr. Zaino and Dr. Haas have had with Genesis in their practices is just a small sampling of the incredible stories we have received from doctors who have implemented the software in their Chiropractic offices.  From increasing patient compliance to simply making running their offices more efficient and intuitive Genesis has provided countless benefits to our doctors.

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