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Now here’s your host, Dr. Tabor Smith.

Tabor: Hello, and welcome to the webinar tonight. I’m Dr. Tabor Smith. I’m here with Dr. Fred DiDomenico and Dr. Chris Zaino. Welcome to the webinar, “Fulfilling the Calling of Your Vision.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with two amazing chiropractic thought leaders. They are literally shifting minds. They are changing lives through shifting minds. That’s what Chiropractic Thought Leaders is all about, and I could not be more honored than to be on the same phone line as Dr. Fred DiDomenico and Dr. Chris Zaino, two amazing, profession-changing chiropractors.

Guys, welcome to the call.

Fred: Thank you.

Chris: Thank you.

Fred: Love your enthusiasm.

Tabor: Awesome. Well, I’ll tell you what, I’m excited about this. I was at the Elite seminar just a couple weeks ago in Vegas and got a glimpse of some of the stuff that you’re going to be going over tonight, and I’ll tell you what, it’s life-changing. It’s absolutely amazing, and I’m so glad that we’re doing this webinar tonight. I’ve got a pen and a paper and I’m going to be taking notes like crazy.

Dr. Fred, I’m going to go ahead and turn it over to you and let you go ahead with it.

Fred: Thanks, Tabor, and thanks, Chris, for being here. I did give this talk in Vegas, and the reason why I picked this, “Fulfilling the Calling of Your Vision,” is because chiropractic is bigger than we are. Our lives in the physical body come here to be a chiropractor because we are changing the way people think and the way they want to live their lives.

This is a spiritual thing. It’s bigger than us physically in this body. We’re dealing with a universal principle here. We’re dealing with people’s lives not just on a physical level, but on a spiritual level. The reason we give this “Fulfilling the Calling of Your Vision” is because not only is it bigger than us, but we are children of God. The patients that come to us are children of God. When a spirit knows or hears a truth, they move toward it.

So in order to fulfill your vision, you have to be a magnet, a universal magnet. Literally, when you’re connected and you understand who you are, your power spirit moves through you, directed by your mind, putting your attention on intention, and we can manifest phenomenal things.

Dr. Chris Zaino is the founder of Chiropractic Thought Leadership, one of the largest corrective care practices in the history of chiropractic. And knowing you, Chris, personally, here is one gentleman, powerful being that knows his origin, is able to express that, and then manifest amazing things and healings in a chiropractic practice.

So number one, thanks. Number two, you have that purpose. Why don’t you give us a few words on that, Chris?

Chris: I think there comes a time when all of us get that kind of wake-up calling, when your purpose becomes bigger than your fear, your uncertainty and your insecurity. I think that’s the thing; that fear is holding us back from really stepping into our purpose.

We all have a purpose. A lot of people say, “I have a mission. I have a vision. I have a purpose,” but that definitely doesn’t mean much. You know, what are you doing? It’s bigger than your fear.

So how do you get out of yourself to be able to go out there and serve others and be who you were created to be? I think, Dr. Fred, what you’re teaching really helps us transcend from I know I’m put here for a reason, but actually knowing to actually being, and being that reason.

Fred: Definitely when we have thoughts of God, when our mind is congruent with spiritual thoughts, then we’re able to project that energy out and then reach a level of inspiration. Like you said, Chris, to have inspiration come through us where you may address the fear, but it doesn’t stop you. That’s how you fulfill, that’s how you bring your vision into reality.

As we look at this, we have spirit, mind, body. This, to me, really, is a holy triad. We have spirit, which is our beingness, directed by our mind into body, which is physical manifestation, and that’s really what above-down, inside-out is. It’s coming from above, from source, through our physical body, expressing on the physical level.

Spirit, mind, body, body can still be physical manifestation. Body doesn’t have to literally be the body literally. It can be spirit coming through us, directed by our mind, to manifest anything in the universe.

I look at this using the analogy of a tornado. Spirit is like universal energy. That’s that big cloud. Mind is focused energy. So you take all this energy, all the wind, all the particles, all the jet streams, all this stuff, and you focus it into one funnel, but yet if that funnel doesn’t touch ground, what happens? What manifests? A little bit of hail, a little bit of rain. But once it hits and there’s action, there’s connection on a physical level, that’s when big things happen.

So taking power, focusing it through mind, and then manifesting on a physical level, that’s when things begin to change. That’s really why we’re here.

I’ll just say one more thing. Chris and I talk every week. We talked a couple weeks ago, and I thought it was amazing because you realize that we come into this physical body to create heaven on earth to manifest on a physical level. That’s why our spirit comes through. We are designed, we are co-creators with the universe that come into the body for a purpose, to be able to create something on the physical plane. We’re given that power and ability to focus the most powerful tool God gave us, our mind, to be able to manifest our sole purpose. We had a great talk about that on one of our calls.

Chris: Absolutely. The only reason we have a body is because our spirit can’t really hang out on this planet. It vibrates too high. This body is just our vehicle on this planet, so we’re just passing through with a major purpose. It’s pretty simple. And that’s where chiropractic comes in.

When we’re reestablishing and bringing that person back and getting them connected to truly their divinity of the power of God inside them when they were created, when you start seeing chiropractic on that level, you don’t even hear “backache” or “headache.” This is a world-changing, generational-changing event.

So I kind of see it through that aspect. We’re wearing coats, flesh coats, going through this planet for a major purpose. So what is it? I think that’s something every single person is constantly trying to figure out, but I think they’re waiting too long to figure it out. You’ve just got to go. You’ve just got to start doing, and it’ll come to you.

Fred: Exactly. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to go through spirit, mind, body. Betty Eadie wrote a bestselling book, Embraced by the Light. She had a 90-minute near-death experience. She did die, wrote the book, goes to heaven, learns about universal principles, comes back and then writes a book. Her whole life purpose changes.

To become as perfect as a mortal being can become, we need to bring mind, body, spirit into total harmony, and that’s really who we are. Spiritual energy, just like you said, Chris, in a physical body so we can manifest on that physical plane.

Once you have that understanding that all those are supposed to be connected, they are all supposed to be in harmony, then it’s more than just knowledge, like what you said, Chris, it moves from knowledge into beingness. Then we can begin to manifest.

We’re going to start with spirit. Most people think they’re a body and mind, when truly they’re spiritual beings first. So I’m going to bend your brain a little bit. When you look at your mind, first of all, you look at the physical world and you interpret the physical world through five senses.

If you live according to five senses, then you see yourself as just matter, an object in a physical world. That means your mind is focused on conditions around you. You’re not associated with your energy, with your spirit. You’re second, which means you’re putting the physical world first and you’re second, reacting to the physical world, as opposed to the universal law which says we’re spirits, and the physical world is second.

If we look from a spiritual perspective and you see yourself before the physical world, then your mind is only interpreting what it believes its perception of what’s going on around you as opposed to spiritual perception, which sees the physical world as second, and you’re a co-creator with the universe.

If you watch “The Secret” or do anything even on a basic level, law of attraction, thoughts turn into things. Why? Because we’re a spirit first. So what reference point are you using? Are you reacting to the physical world around you according to your five senses, the way your brain physically, anatomically perceives the world? Or do you see the world as second, and you’re before the physical world? Are you reacting to conditions, or are you co-creating conditions in your life?

One more thing. I understand things in the world can be created from general consciousness, but also, you can create any life that you want within general consciousness. Your own individual consciousness and how you perceive things around you will determine what you create. Are you reacting to the conditions around you, or are you co-creating the conditions around you?

That’s the difference between fulfilling your purpose and bringing your vision into reality versus reacting and having anxiety and stress and all these things as you react to the physical world around you.

A little bit different perspective. Any comments on that, Tabor or Chris?

Chris: When you’re creating, that’s one thing. When you’re reacting, it’s totally different. You know when you react to something, it’s emotionally based. It’s mind, flesh controlling it. It’s not spirit-driven when you’re reacting, versus are you creating? Are you thinking, are you thinking ahead, is there faith, is there words of faith and then actions behind those words of faith, even though you don’t see them right in front of you in the physical realm? So that’s a totally – totally two different types of thinking.

Chiropractic lives, when you adjust them, do you think maybe they’ll get well, or do you see them well, and then you adjust them? You know what I mean? I just think it’s a totally different – it’s not just a minor thing. It’s black or white.

Tabor: This reminds me of what we were talking about earlier, Dr. Fred. Since I met you, I feel like I’ve been on this spiritual journey since I met you to really harness and understand some of these laws of the universe and all of these things. But the two words that you told me that have changed my life more than all the other hundreds of valuable words that I’ve heard from you are this: it’s “just be.”

Every time I’m stressed, I’m going crazy, I’m running wild, it seems like there’s chaos in my world and I’m not hitting my goals, and I just remember those two words, “just be.” And all of a sudden, I’m centered, and things begin to slow and they begin to come back and start to work smoothly again.

I see that as me remembering to reconnect with my spiritual side and my spiritual being. That’s the first thing that I need to be connected with. Then what flows from there comes out and flows into the natural, if that makes sense.

Fred: Yeah, completely. And that’s the thing. How do you get from looking at the physical world and being second versus being first? It really comes through objectivity. What it comes from is total acceptance. When you accept every condition in your life and you honor the fact that you’re a co-creator, even the things that you don’t like, you’ve created through thought.

Anxiety and stress creates financial problems, creates no new patients, creates [stress 0:13:39], creates all these things. If you stop in that moment right now and say, “Look at everything around me,” and if you can objectively evaluate the conditions of your life and say, “What created that? Wow, two days ago, I was really anxious, and look what happened. Five minutes ago, I’m rushing, rushing, rushing. No wonder I got pulled over and got a ticket. The universe is telling me, slow down and relax.”

If I ever get pulled over, I’m like, “You know what? What mood was I in five minutes ago? I was anxious thinking I didn’t have enough time to get everything done, when that’s just an illusion. Of course I got pulled over.” And by then, I get into peace. Before the cop is even walking up to my window, I get in peace, I thank God for the reminder, and I rarely get a ticket. Almost never, because I get back in peace; I get the realization. The universe changes that cop’s decision before he even hits my window. That’s how fast things manifest.

If you can look at your world objectively, you can realize that no matter what it is in your world – liking or not liking it is judgment – it’s all energy. It’s all energy. It’s not meant to be judged. Then I can say, “You know what? I was successful.” I was anxious and I created anxiety. Because I was pissed, somebody flipped me off. My kids are not doing what I ask them because I’m walking around stressed, but if I get in peace, all of a sudden, harmony comes into play. So I’m successful regardless of what it is.

So you’ve got to know who you are, who you’re not. You’ve got to go from darkness, ignorance – darkness is just ignorance, it’s just not knowing – into light, which is awareness. The difference between darkness and light is one thing. The bridge is awareness. That’s all. It’s just awareness, and it’s objective. It’s looking, are you second, or are you first? That’s all it is.

It’s from ignorance and awareness. Universal intelligence, that’s all the universe. Innate intelligence, we’re an expression. You can’t not be connected. It is literally, spiritually, energetically impossible. You are connected. This is who you are. It’s just the bridge is awareness. Stress and joy is awareness. Fear and love is awareness. Darkness and light is awareness.

So spirit is life force. We’re giving life force. The universe is give and take. If I am a chiropractor, I’m giving life force with every adjustment. I’m giving life force. Life force has to come back.

Chris, this is where you’re probably one of the most aware people I know. At 2,600 a week, you see life force. You see people well before you lay your hands on them. That had to be so far one of the most powerful – that’s a life-changing one-liner right there. What a concept.

Chris: Well, that was the whole, you know, see the bone move before you move it. Even like martial artists, if you look at physics, when these guys break through bricks or boards, it should be physically impossible, and you ask each one, “Well, how do you break that board? How do you break that brick?” And they really see it. One guy I talked to, he says he stares at it, he focuses, and he sees a crack in the brick and he hits it, and he goes through it every single time. It’s crazy stuff, but it’s really the power of intention.

Fred: Exactly, and we’re going to talk about intention. Intention is spiritual power, attention is mind power.

A quote from B.J. Palmer, “Man tries to make God more man-like, when in reverse, man should try to make man more God-like.” You know more about this than I do, but he wrote the majority of his books when he was over 70 years old. Chris, how many books did he write in his last few years?

Chris: What was it, 60?

Fred: Thirty.

Chris: Oh, 30, okay.

Fred: No, I don’t know, I thought you said 30.

Chris: No, I mean, it might have been 30. I was just trying [indiscernible 17:55]. But I know he, when he did that, Fred, it was right after he kind of went nuts. Everybody kind of rejected him, and then he just built that little bit of heaven, and he kind of found himself again and just got focused, and then he just went crazy. I mean, like, crazy in a good way. He just started writing. He wrote 33 books.

Fred: Amazing.

Chris: Sixteen thousand pages, because he was just trying – he went through a traumatic period, but unlike the majority of society who that would keep down or frustrate, he really transcended to where, I mean, he was just getting any thought flashes downloaded on a daily basis. It was like 16,000 pages. And that’s when I . . .

Fred: In three years or something, wasn’t it?

Chris: Yeah. That’s when I really read some of his latest writings, and that’s when I really started to understand what innate really was. When you go through chiropractic school, you don’t really – I mean, we hear the word “innate,” but we don’t understand it. And then reading some of B.J. Palmer’s writings, I really started to get in touch with what innate really means.

B.J., in his latest years, made decisions based on what his innate, you know, told him to do. It got so intense and so focused on him just going through his innate, it wasn’t him anymore, it was God flowing through him when he was writing most of those, at least that’s what it seems to me, when he was writing most of those books.

Fred: So when he was truly connected, like you said, Chris, it was just downloaded. It’s spirit to mind to body was physical writing. In that case, body was books. But he had spiritual downloads through his mind, writing down on pages, that were a straight download from a higher intelligence. That’s a universal intelligence connected to innate intelligence.

Deepak Chopra’s, “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success,” pure potentiality is rule number one. That’s the first spiritual law. It’s pure potentiality seeking expression from unmanifest to manifest. That’s what you just talked about, Tabor, with B.J. It’s unmanifested, but spirit downloading to mind turns unmanifest universal wisdom and knowledge, universal intelligence through innate intelligence, from unmanifest to manifest.

That’s who we are. That’s why we’re here. That’s why we’re a spirit in a physical body. So when you realize this is your true self, that you’re one of pure potentiality, you can manifest anything that the universe is going to download into you.

Then one of the other spiritual laws, with least effort. The law of least effort says when you harness the forces of harmony, joy and love, in other words, when you vibrate at joy and love, then success and good fortune happens with effortless ease.

That’s why he wrote 16,000 pages in three years, because when you harness that spiritual vibration, boom, you become an open channel.

Potential is possibility unrealized. So that’s our spirit. Potential is possibility, what we can create, but it’s unmanifested until you put it into action.

That was a great one-liner that we pulled off in Vegas, Tabor, that you put on Facebook. It was, “The difference between a dreamer and a visionary is action.”

Tabor: Yeah. Yeah.

Fred: And that’s it. Potential is possibility unrealized until you have action; that’s mind directing into body. Between mind and body is action. So we’ve got to stay connected, number one. Source of energy is God, that’s spirit. Must tune him in; that’s mind. And then we accept that power, and you can enjoy the effects. That’s body in our lives.

The elemental world provides us all that we need. There are quantum physicists who shoot particles that are smaller than photons through a vacuum. What they did was they actually did these experiments where they would shoot them and people would have thoughts, and the particles would light like a firefly on a summer night, where they light up and then they’re gone, and if it’s dusk, you can’t really see the little firefly, all you see are the lights going on and off. That’s what particles do on a quantum level.

They light, and they have energy based on our thoughts. Mass is merely a conglomeration of particles. So our thoughts create things because on a quantum level, particles conglomerate until they become visible to our eye. That’s what manifestation is. So it’s created in the spirit world first, turning unmanifest into manifest based on spiritual energy directed through our mind.

So we give life by giving energy and creation vibration off people. That is chiropractic. You give life, you receive life. The difference is, do you expect it? If you turn life on in someone, do you expect someone else to come in? Do you expect that you just change the vibration in the universe, and the universe has a responsibility to give it back?

In fact, it’s not even a responsibility. I mean, it is, it’s just a law. It’s more than a responsibility. The universe has joy to give life back to you. Everything is energy, whether it’s money, words, thoughts. Everything is energy. It’s just a fluctuation, a waveform on a quantum level that creates a wave that causes matter to shift.

And that way, life force into the universe brings life force back. That’s new patients, it’s money, it’s a relationship, it’s people; it’s anything. It’s anything that you direct your attention towards. What we have to do is release our grip on fear.

What’s that?

Tabor: I was just going to say that’s why – listening to you over the last couple of months and being able to train with Dr. Zaino has been so valuable for me because – and I told you about this the other day. I actually, one of these last weekends, I had to go take an insurance seminar for CE credits or something, and it’s no wonder they don’t see miracles in their office. They’re not expecting miracles at all.

The whole weekend, I talked to these guys who were in PI and work comp and seeing people for 12 visits and rehab, and everything was so mechanistic that of course they’re never going to see a miracle. They never look for it. And when I get to hang out with Dr. Zaino and I get to go to your seminars and boot camps and this webinar, it’s a complete different frame of mind. It’s where chiropractic flourishes.

That’s why the docs that are on this phone call and the docs that share the same mindset see miracles in their office. It’s what chiropractic truly is, is basically what you’re just saying.

Fred: Yeah, and Dr. Chris, you probably vibrate the highest of people that I know on abundance mindset. When you look at giving life and receiving life, I mean, you live and walk – every cell in your body knows this.

Chris: Well, Dr. Fred, when Tabor was talking, if you look at the writings of any chiropractor or really any person who really was just in a total innate download where they were really, truly connected like that, at the end of their life, all they did write and talk about was what we’re talking about right here.

So if you want to talk about chiropractic – like with B.J. Palmer, if we could go back to the last three years of his life, he’d be talking about this right here. He wouldn’t be talking about the technique or the line of drive, he’d be talking about this. This is the completion of it.

Fred: And that’s our journey as a soul and a body to transcend to this level.

Now we’re going to talk about mind. So that’s handling spirit; now mind. One thing I’d like people to understand is our most basic instinct is survival. Your mind, the humanity part of your mind wants to protect you from any risk, so it’s going to tell you not to take risk.

Your vision is all about risk. So you already have to know your mind is going to have thoughts that are going to take you and guide you away from risk, yet your vision is all about risk. So every time you move towards your vision, your mind is going to have thoughts of why you can’t do it, why you shouldn’t do it, because as a human being in a physical body, we’re built to survive. That’s our most basic, primal instinct, is survival. So you already know in your mind you’re going to have thoughts.

Once you understand that, then you can say, “Okay, that’s just thoughts passing through, thank you very much.” Once you understand that, then you can have spiritual energy, intention – that’s your vision – moved with attention – those are your goals, that’s your purpose, that’s your focus – and to manifest in the physical world.

Intention transforms because it’s energy, attention focuses and fuels. Intention is spirit. Attention is mind. All of your life is deciding who you are and then experiencing that.

The most important question, where out of chaos comes clarity? That’s moving from darkness into light. So you get to decide, you get to choose, are you first or are you second?

Here’s the most important question you can ask yourself: who am I? I know when I start my mornings like this, and I say, “Who am I?” the number one thing that comes to my mind is I’m a healer. Why am I a healer? Because I’m a spiritual being radiating love, joy and energy, and everybody that comes into my presence, into my consciousness, is going to vibrate differently.

How does that feel? What’s that feel like, to vibrate at that level? I’ve gone through this on other webinars; we talk about this at the seminars. Is this something that you guys have done? What’s your experience? What do you do in relationship to this on a daily basis?

Tabor: Just for me, this seems like a journey that I’m on that I haven’t – I don’t know if you can ever find your destination, but it’s a journey that I’m constantly on to mastering myself. Just from the study that I’ve done and some of the spiritual writings that say, “Master yourself and you have the key to every door in the temple,” if you understand yourself, you understand God and you understand the universe.

So for me, at least, this is something that daily I’m trying to do, even taking notes and writing in my journal, who am I? What faults do I have? What am I good at? What am I bad at? But especially since I’ve started to train with you, this is one of the questions that I can continue to try to answer every single day.

Chris: When I wake up, the first thing I do before I get out of bed is – when you say, “Who am I?” that’s kind of like a compass that brings you to north or it shows you how far off track you are. So if your first instincts are “Who am I?” and you’re like, “Well…” and you’re so into the flesh, that’s why you need to ask that question because it’ll expose if you’re on or if you’re off.

Then once you’re set where you’re on, then another important thing I do before I get out of bed is I visualize the entire day in an ideal way. This is where the creative part comes in. So I didn’t go through the day yet, but I see the waiting room, I see people sitting there, I know the great things that are going on; my whole day I just visualize in my head. I see that whole day, and it’s exactly aligning with who I am, and then I get out of bed.

I may have to do that a couple times a day, but it just goes back to that. But that’s the whole creation where I’m seeing it first, and then I’m praying, I’m meditating on it, I’m seeing it, and then I go and I cross that day, and my day matches up. I could sit here and tell you some crazy, off-the-wall stories about thinking of a guy named Jack, and sure enough, a walk-in, which happens once every couple years, named Jack comes into the office. So amazing things happen because I think there’s a – you’re starting the day with intention, with focus, and really starting to create that day.

Fred: Awesome. And there you go. The creative power within us makes us into the image of that to which we give our attention, “The Science of Getting Rich” was the first book, even before “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. So, creative power. We’re co-creators coming from the place of spirit, creating image in our mind. Wherever you put your attention, that’s exactly what you were just talking about, Dr. Chris.

Now we have purpose, so now we’re really going to focus our mind and attention. When you’re inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds. What’s that mean? I have thoughts that are consistent with spirit. Inspiration is we can link that within spirit. In spirit also means in God, right? So inspiration is in God moving through you.

Of course, when you have that, your mind is going to transcend limitations because limitations add humanity. The survival instinct tells you you can’t do it, but that’s not our vision. That’s not our spirit. Our consciousness expands in every direction. That means we become first.

You see yourself in a great, new, wonderful world. Do you know what that great, new, wonderful world is? You’re first. Physical world is second. That’s your inspire, in spirit, in God. Dormant forces, faculties and talents, universal intelligence moving through you so you can write 16,000 pages in three years.

They become alive. It comes through you. Discover yourself to be a greater person than you ever dreamed yourself to be. Why? Because you put yourself first. You become a co-creator rather than a reactor.

How’s that for a summation? Step 3, we have a vision. Do you guys want to comment on that one?

Tabor: I think you’re good there. It reminds me of an article that I read from Neil Strauss that was about all the sameness with celebrities, the sports guys that have achieved so much. Every single one of them believed 100% wholeheartedly that that is what they were created for. That is the reason why they were on this earth, and nothing could stop them, nothing could stand in their way, because they were 100% focused on their goal and their vision.

Fred: In coaching, so many times I ask the question, “Do you believe you were created to be a chiropractor?” And the sad part is it’s shocking how many people say they don’t know. Do you know what I think? You don’t know who you are. You’re stuck in your mind. And that’s it. If you don’t know your life has intention, then what you’d be saying is the universe doesn’t have intention, and that must mean you don’t believe in universal laws. So if you believe in universal laws, and you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be and there’s only perfection, then that is life purpose.

So we take intention, purpose, and we have vision. Visions are only given to you because only you can fulfill them. That’s why you’re here. It says the lamp of the body is the eye. That’s not the anatomical eye, that’s your vision. Therefore, your whole body will be full of light. When you have vision, it changes the vibration in your body. Vision comes from spirit through mind to affect body. That’s why it says your body will be light, because you vibrate differently. You vibrate according to what you see.

So are you second, or are you first? Are you reaching your visions? If you’re not, are you second and reacting, or are you first, co-creating?

Your visions are given to you as an expression of your higher self. If you have a vision, then you’re going to be provided how? When you have a vision, just know the human part of your mind, that anatomical part is going to say and give you every reason why you can’t do it. You already know that, but you have a vision.

So you have to think, what God do I pray to? If God gave you a vision, he would be the ultimate smartass – pardon my language – if he gave you a vision and wouldn’t give you the way how. That’s not faith. That’s not universal law. You have a vision because it’s coming through you. You will be provided how? Do you need to know how? Not right at that moment. But if you walk in faith, it will come to you. You will be provided the way.

Behind your clear vision must be the purpose to realize it. Why? Because you have a vision. What purpose does is it? It carries you through all your conditions. The purpose is the inspiration. In spirit, in God. That’s what keeps you moving through every challenge. Then you look at those challenges. Why are those challenges there? Where was my intention, where was my attention, when I ran into that challenge? And if I change my mind, does that challenge dissipate back into the universe? It came out of the universe, so if I have something I don’t like, where was I? Was that guiding me in another direction? Is that the universe saying, “Look, you’re pushing in the wrong direction?”

If you feel like you’re pushing against a wall, take a step to the left, because there’s probably a doorway. You just keep running into the wall. So rather than keep pushing, smacking your face against the wall, why don’t I step back, ask for directions, and maybe step to the left or right, and then all of a sudden, you’re going through an open door. What created that wall? That’s purpose to help you be able to step back and know, no matter what, I’m moving forward.

Any comments on that, gang? Dr. Chris?

Chris: No, it’s good, man. Keep on going. That’s great.

Fred: Okay.

Tabor: It’s just like – [indiscernible 0:37:19] this morning, man. It’s like I thank God for the closed doors just as much as I do the open ones.

Fred: Yeah, because they guide you. So you must form a clear and definite mental picture of what you want. Mental, in your mind, or you can’t transmit that idea unless you have it yourself.

Really, when I gave this talk, I’ve given this talk three times now, some to patients, a seminar, and then this webinar, and I always say the reason I’m giving this is because in order to master whatever you want to master, you have to teach. So I know the three of us are here very humbly. We know things in our head, there’s certain things we know in our being, but you only master it – knowledge becomes wisdom through experience.

The experience of teaching, I’m re-minding myself, or bringing back into my mind, to focus my mind on these principles that operate from this position, which is a co-creator coming first. And then we take that vision with spiritual power, and teaching this, certainly we thank the audience, because this is what we have to re-mind ourselves continuously.

Your imagination is a preview of life’s coming attractions. Life is lived most fully in the imagination. Ironically, imagination is the key to reality. Now that’s intense. If you actually think – let’s go back to that principle. Do you perceive the world through five senses, through a mind that is going to run on survival, that’s going to protect you from everything? Do you perceive it from that, or are you a co-creator?

If I’m a co-creator, my vision can manifest. Law of pure potentiality – we put this all together – potential taken from unmanifested into manifest. Then if I can imagine it, then I can have it. Your vision comes from your imagination. What can you imagine, and then do you have the faith that the universe is going to provide all those things?

I think if there’s anybody that I know that has mastered this one so powerfully, Dr. Chris, that’s you.

Chris: Well, I mean, exactly. You can really have fun with this. When I was growing up, I was the youngest kid in every grade. I was an only child. I would just sit there and think. I was the only one, so I had to entertain myself, and my parents were working. So I just used my imagination. It was just something that’s trained like a muscle. You just think and have fun with it. A lot of times, even when I speak, I know what I’m talking about, I let it marinate, and those things come to me. I know it down to the clothes I’m going to wear, even if I have to find those clothes and shop for them.

I know exactly how it’s going to turn out before it actually happens. It’s something it would be okay to try. Just have fun with it. Try it. It’s faith like a child, a child-like faith, where you have to sit there and imagine. When I see my son, Justus, his imagination is so amazing. And to the world and to an educated mind and the system, it just suppresses all that, versus, you know, how creative that would be if we all still had that creativity and fun? It really is a fun thing.

When you think about it and it’s fun, you get this tear of inspiration and you dwell on it. So I think visualizing whatever – a prayer isn’t a verbal prayer sent out into a cloud. I think prayer could be a visualization, and it’s any part of you that’s – I’m trying to just – it’s like when your spirit jumps. I can’t explain it. When you visualize something, it’s just exactly part of who you are and what you’re called to do and you just dwell there. You’re just hanging out in that thought, in that vision. And if you do that over time, it just becomes a comfortable place to be.

It’s kind of what we’ve been talking about. If you have faith, it’ll manifest that way. It gives you a result, and it doesn’t always – you don’t always get there the way you planned, but it happens.

Tabor: And to add on that, I think the best place to be – in fact, I think what probably drives us as humans more than anything else is creating. There’s nothing like the feeling of creating something that wasn’t there before. Being just your practice, where there wasn’t a chiropractic office before and now there is, or when you started off and you only saw 20 people a week, and now you’re seeing 200 or 400 or whatever it is, and to know that you’re a creator creating that has got to be the best feeling that you could possibly have.

Fred: Here’s a whole other level to that thought, and I think, Chris, this is what you do so well. When you say creating that wasn’t there before, the believing in the faith is knowing that it’s already there. It’s already there in the spirit world, and just because you may not see it or experience it at that moment, physically you think it’s not there, when it really is. So that’s the whole imagination. It’s already there and you expect it, and you receive it with joy.

That’s such a powerful thing that you said, Dr. Chris, to have fun with it. Well, that’s the law of least effort. Harness joy, love, peace, and harmony, and success and good fortune comes to you with effortless ease.

So when you play with it, that’s knowing it’s already there. It’s in the spirit world. I can feel it all around me. I expect it to manifest through. It’s coming through right now. It’s forming, matter is conglomerating, and I expect to see it right now. And I’m so excited. It’s that child-like playing.

We need to move on here because we’re taking time. Imagine if all your visions were like presents under a Christmas tree. When the Christmas tree goes up, you know the presents are going to be there. Then all of a sudden, the presents are there, but you don’t know what’s inside them. So you shake them, do all these things, you have child-like intention, child-like playfulness and joy. Then it’s Christmas when you get to open them.

Imagine all your visions are like presents under the tree. With that level of confidence, you know Christmas is coming. You’re putting up the tree. You know in 10 minutes, those presents are going to be under there, and you can’t wait to shake them and try and guess what they are.

Imagine – what’s that word? Imagine your visions with that much confidence. Playful like confidence. The desire of the spirit seeking manifestation. You have a desire, and that’s because spirit is seeking to create it.

The thing is, you don’t have to seek. It’s already in the spirit world, taking unmanifest into the manifest. If you have a desire, when you have a desire, it’s already in the spirit world. Expect it to come through. That’s manifestation. Every thought fueled by desire is a prayer. If you look at your thoughts, and you know that when you have desire, what creates the fuel for manifestation is emotion.

Look at the power of the feeling of the emotion of anger, of resentment, of guilt, and of shame. That’s still a thought, fueled by emotion, that’s still a prayer, because what you’re saying to the universe, you’re communicating to the universe with feelings. That means whatever you feel strongly about is going to manifest.

So how do you get past your stuff? By getting rid of the illusion. The bridge is awareness from darkness into light. Realize you created it. Now I can have it dissipate. I can change my mind, change my thought with desire, right? Put joy and love into things. That’s still a prayer. Thought fueled by desire, emotion, is a powerful communication to the universe.

So if you know every thought fueled by desire with an emotion is a prayer, would you guard your thoughts? Would you choose different thoughts and different emotions? So let’s not be care less, less caring, with our thoughts and our emotions. If there’s anything, if there is any virtue, and if there is anything praiseworthy, meditate on these things. What’s that mean? Have thoughts repetitively.

That’s what you were talking about, Dr. Chris, in the morning starting out. That’s praiseworthy. What’s praiseworthy? Who are you going to see today? When’s Jack going to come in? I expect to see Jack coming in. That’s praiseworthy. Jack figuratively, or Jack literally? And that’s what you were saying, Dr. Chris.

Chris: Right.

Fred: When you fuel it with gratitude – look at that slide. Perfect. Joy, love, pleasure, appreciation, happiness. There’s the law of least effort.

So you have a thought. You fuel it. Here’s your fuel. Gratitude, joy, love, appreciation, happiness, excitement, pleasure, delight. Fuel your thoughts with these emotions. Now the universe will gladly give you whatever you ask. It’ll gladly give you anything you ask. What’s your fuel?

You can’t put sugar in your gas tank, right? But if you put high octane, that thing is going to perform. You can’t exercise much power without gratitude, for it’s gratitude that keeps you connected. Why? Because the universe vibrates at a high level.

I’ll say one more thing, and then I’ll turn it over to you, Dr. Chris. There’s a quote from Embraced by the Light that particles, the universe operates at the level of joy. So if we can vibrate at the same energy level as the universe, when we operate at joy, that’s the law of least effort. That’s why things come to us with little effort.

So you’ve got to look at if you’re not creating at the level that you want, if you’re creating, but if you’re not creating the things that are consistent with your vision, then we have to raise how we vibrate. When we vibrate at the level of joy and peace that’s consistent with the universe, matter comes through. That’s what takes unmanifest into manifest of the good things of your vision.

You’re going to create wherever you vibrate. If I can vibrate consistent with the love and joy of the universe, then love and joy and life is coming back to me in abundance. And that’s one thing, again, Dr. Chris, I know that you vibrate at that level. You don’t even have any vocabulary that’s anything other than that expression.

Chris: And at the same time, you can tell when your thoughts – that’s why it’s so important, like you were saying, that you have to – you have to almost have conscious awareness of where you’re at by asking that question, “Where am I?” because it’s so easy to find yourself not there or having thoughts that are not grateful.

Like it says right here, you have no power once you start to – you cannot exercise much power without gratitude. It’s gratitude that keeps you connected with power. But on the flip side, the moment you lose that gratitude, which is vibration and gratefulness and non-judgmental, and recognizing that I was created by God’s love, and that God’s love, I’m not waiting for it, I’m not waiting to receive it, I already have had it, and I’ve had it this entire time, so when I can at least recognize it, then I can fully give it in abundance to everybody else.

But with any slight bit of not being grateful or being selfish, that gets cut off, like you were saying. So what happens is flesh becomes first again.

Fred: Right.

Chris: And that blocks it.

Fred: Exactly.

Chris: Here’s a [indiscernible 0:50:00] in a spiritual level.

Fred: Exactly.

Chris: And then we wonder why [indiscernible 50:06] there it is. So there it is. Things were created by a spiritual power. Each element, each particle of creation has intelligence in it, which intelligence is filled with spirit and life, and thus the capacity for experience and joy. When God speaks to these elements, they respond, and they have joy in obeying his words. And that’s really every single cell we’re made up of. So that is the normal condition of who we are right there.

Fred: That’s powerful. That’s who we are. Like, that’s normal.

Chris: That is normal. That is normal. The sad part is we’ve been so blinded and disconnected and not understanding that this has been underneath your nose the entire time. And that’s the goal. The goal is to be able to see that and re-connect you to exactly who you were created to be, and that’s the potential in everybody. That’s not just these people over there, those people there. Everybody has that.

Dr. Fred, when you were telling the story – well, it wasn’t a story, it was a real-life situation, and you asked yourself that question, “How can I get back to that faith? How can I get back to that vibration?” In the essence, that question, that was the problem.

We were asking how – we want to do something. We want some type of work to get us back to something that we’ve already been given. I think a lot of times, it’s like Dr. Fred said, if you can’t get to the stage of loving yourself or being grateful, you know what? You might be grateful for your office, for your practice, but the fact is, you don’t realize that maybe you’re not even grateful for yourself, for loving yourself, and then you’re totally unaware that there’s nothing you have to do. You’ve just got to be able to accept it. You already have it.

Fred: I think that’s “just be,” isn’t it?

Chris: It is.

Tabor: Just be.

Fred: Just be. Now, once you can just be, then believe all things are possible. What things? All things are possible to him who believes. Faith by itself, if it does not have works is dead. We’ll show you my faith by my work. That’s the difference between a dreamer and a visionary. So now that you know you have this, the universe is responding to you. It’s in joy to respond to you. It wants to give you everything. So you operate at that level.

Now I believe that. Now I have faith. Believing in faith is believing without seeing. What’s that? It’s expecting, it’s knowing it’s in the spirit world. Belief is the fuel, that emotion is the fuel, gratitude is the fuel that brings it through. That’s like the magnet that pulls – it’s like reaching your arm – gratitude and belief in faith is like reaching your arm into the spirit world, grabbing onto that which you see through your vision, and literally pulling it like it’s through a filter right into physical manifestation.

That’s literally what it is. That’s everything that we’ve talked about. Faith is knowing I can reach in there with belief and gratitude and faith, whether I see it with my physical eye or not, it doesn’t matter. It’s expecting to come through. That’s what you were talking about earlier, Tabor. If you don’t expect a miracle, how are you ever going to see one?

Tabor: Right.

Fred: It’s knowing.

Tabor: And it’s showing me you’ve got to work hard, but at the same time, it’s possible to be grateful for the journey the whole way through, because that’s what it’s really all about.

Fred: Yes. Now we go to this last slide. What’s this next step? Lose your story, right? Any excuse, anything you’re looking at, any limited thought, what it is is just an illusion. What it is is you’ve been living according to your five senses rather than living according to your being. So losing your story is everything that’s ever happened. Every person that you’ve blamed, every condition, every pain, the illusion of suffering, when in reality, every experience brings us to where we are right now, and we can look back and figure out what was my consciousness when those things happened? Now I can change my consciousness and change the world, and put myself first.

Losing your story is releasing everything. The one thing in life coaching that chiropractic thought leadership is certainly, I wouldn’t say obligated, but certainly takes the responsibility to redefine, like a hologram, is life coaching has always said, “Hey, you’ve got to look at your vision, you have to become your vision.” Really, the truth is it’s not becoming anything. This is the whole message of chiropractic thought leadership, this whole PowerPoint. It’s not about becoming when you already are. What it’s about is releasing all the stuff that isn’t true.

So here is a new phase in life coaching, gang. This is what we’re transforming. You’re already perfect. Just release the stuff that isn’t associated with it. [Indiscernible 0:55:12] and lose your story. It’s not true.

Here’s the one most powerful line. Go ahead.

Chris: Sorry. Just real quick, I think this is why it’s so valuable for us as chiropractors to understand this. I did a spinal screening this weekend, and we have people, we have patients, and they come in, and they have a story, and we have to be able to coach them, just like Chiropractic Thought Leaders, just like you guys, coach me and coach us. They come up there and they’re like, “Well, I have this, and it’s mine, and there’s no cure for this. I just have it. You can’t help me with this.” And that’s their story. We have to not only be able to lose our own story, but to be able to coach our patients through losing theirs as well.

Fred: Exactly. Chris, I know that, like every spiritual being, you’ve come through a long journey to the place where you’re at, and when you say “lose your story,” what comes to your mind?

Chris: I guess there’s two types of people, the people that have excuses and reasons, or the people that have action and results. So whatever your story is, use your story to lead others, but you definitely don’t use your story as a reason to not move and to not do what you’re called to do. Your story is really a gift. Everybody has a story, and you use that story. My story helped build the practice, because it was just showing glory to the God who created me and it enabled me to do this. So it’s just a wonderful thing.

But people play that record over and over of the story of their family or their past or the divorce 15 years ago, and they do not get out of it. And you know why? They’ve become complacent and comfortable in that story, and because the story, because it’s a record, their outer world becomes a reflection of their inner world. That sums up kind of what we’re talking about.

They have to break that. They have to break that story. They have to say, “Enough is enough.” Even though that story is comfortable, right, Dr. Fred? Someone will go back to an abusive relationship if that’s all they know, because that’s comfort.

Fred: It’s familiar.

Chris: It’s familiar. But it’s not what they were put on this planet for. It’s not who they really are. It’s not their real story. So once they get in touch with who they really are, what their real story is, then they can fully accept – love and accept themselves.

Fred: Exactly.

Chris: And honor God within them.

Fred: Honor God within them, yes. Lose your story, gain your vision. This is such a powerful one-liner, if you just think about that. Lose your story, gain your vision. Or just gain your vision. You don’t even have to lose your story. Just gain your vision. That’s a powerful statement that people need to look at and repeat back to themselves a number of times.

Your story should support your true spiritual being, power and divinity. When you talk, is it supporting who you are as a spiritual being? Is it supporting your power that you have to take universal energy through you, be a channel with your mind and create in body and the physical universe? And are you an expression of your divinity?

There’s your humanity, which wants to protect you because it’s got survival instincts, and then there’s your divinity. We listen to survival so we don’t do stupid things that are going to kill us, because then what’s that mean? Do you believe a [indiscernible 0:59:03] is fine as a life or death decision? Well, if your survival instinct is that strong, you have good curves in your spine. How’s that one? Did you get that?

That’s why we take care of our body, right? We’ve got to take care of this body to make sure we can fulfill every part of that vision. When you talk, does that represent who you are as a true spiritual being? Thoughts fueled by desire are prayers into the universe that take from the unmanifest into the manifest.

So what’s your story? There are six steps. Have a truth; you’re a spiritual being, you come first. Know your vision. That’s what comes through you. Build a team. Have your team see and commit to that vision so you have help. Your vision should be so big, they already know you can’t do it yourself, or you’re not supposed to do it yourself, plus it’s a lot more fun to do it with other people. So thank you, Dr. Chris and Dr. Tabor, for helping me have fun with this. Commit to your vision. Set goals, set action steps, give rewards. Here’s the basis of all success of fulfilling your vision in your life. Six steps. The universe needs you now, and that’s the last one.

Thank you, gentlemen, for allowing me to remind myself of who we are, what our vision and our calling is, and the steps to take from the unmanifest into the manifest as we speak right now.

Tabor: Thank you, Dr. Fred. Thank you, Dr. Zaino, for fulfilling your calling. If the old quote is true, “Change your mind, change your life,” then chiropractic thought leaders are going to change millions and millions of lives on this planet.

I’m just honored to even be on the same phone call and to be associated with you guys. We really appreciate everything that you’re doing for us as chiropractors and for the chiropractic profession.

Chris: That’s awesome. And thank you, Tabor. I appreciate you guys as well.

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