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Mastering Content Marketing

 In chiropractic software

Welcome to Genesis Nation! Today, we’re delving into the world of modern chiropractic marketing with the insightful Dr. Kevin Christie, founder of Modern Chiropractic Marketing. Dr. Christie’s journey into digital marketing has transformed the way chiropractors approach their outreach, and we’re thrilled to share his expertise with you.

Understanding Content Marketing:

“At the heart of digital marketing is content marketing,” Dr. Christie explains. “It’s about becoming a leading educator in your community, leveraging digital platforms to disseminate valuable information.” It emphasizes the importance of providing valuable information to the community and positioning oneself as a trusted educator. Content marketing goes beyond promotional material and focuses on building relationships through informative content. 

Crafting a Comprehensive Strategy:

“We want chiropractors to have a total web presence,” Dr. Christie says. “From their website to social media channels, every platform should contribute to building a cohesive brand and delivering valuable content.” The focus shifts to developing a holistic marketing strategy. Dr. Christie emphasizes the need for chiropractors to have a strong presence across various digital platforms while maintaining consistency in messaging and branding. This part highlights the importance of integrating different marketing channels to create a cohesive and impactful strategy.

Overcoming Challenges in Video Marketing:

Even if video isn’t your preferred medium, there are still plenty of avenues for effective marketing, from blog posts to social media updates. This acknowledges that video marketing can be daunting for some chiropractors but reassures readers that there are alternative methods to effectively engage with their audience. It encourages practitioners to explore various content formats and find what works best for them, whether it’s blog posts, social media updates, or other forms of communication.

Tailoring Your Approach:

Dr. Christie advises chiropractors to develop a marketing strategy that aligns with their goals and resources. Whether you’re a new practitioner with time to invest or an established clinic with a budget for outsourcing, there’s a marketing approach that can work for you. The key takeaway is the importance of flexibility and adaptability in marketing strategies.

Staying Adaptable:

As digital marketing continues to evolve, this underscores the necessity of staying flexible and responsive to changes in the landscape. Dr. Christie stresses the importance of continuous refinement and adaptation to ensure that marketing efforts remain effective and relevant.


As we wrap up our conversation with Dr. Kevin Christie, we’re inspired by his dedication to empowering chiropractors with effective marketing strategies. Whether you’re just starting your practice or looking to enhance your current marketing efforts, his insights offer valuable guidance for success in the digital age.

Thank you, Dr. Christie, for sharing your expertise with Genesis Nation. If you’re interested in learning more about modern chiropractic marketing, be sure to check out the show notes for additional resources. Until next time, keep innovating and connecting with your community through the power of content marketing!


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