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Evolving Multidisciplinary Practices

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In this exclusive conversation with Dr. Mark Sanna from Breakthrough Coaching, we delve into the intriguing world of multidisciplinary practices, a concept that was once groundbreaking and is now paving the way for the future of collaborative care in healthcare.

The Pioneering Days

Dr. Sanna takes us back to the late ’80s when he established one of the very first multidisciplinary practices in the country. In a time when medical doctors and chiropractors didn’t even socialize, Dr. Sanna broke barriers to integrate different healthcare disciplines for better patient outcomes. Dr. Sanna shares his journey of pioneering multidisciplinary practices, highlighting the challenges and significance of breaking through conventional barriers to embrace collaborative care.

Evolution of Breakthrough Coaching

Transitioning from a practitioner to a consultant, Dr. Sanna shares how he transformed his experience into Breakthrough Coaching, guiding numerous practices towards success in the multidisciplinary model. He reflects on the expansion of Breakthrough Coaching from a local to an international consultancy over the past 25 years. This conversation explores Dr. Sanna’s transition from practitioner to consultant, offering insights into the evolution of Breakthrough Coaching and its impact on shaping successful multidisciplinary practices globally.

Essential Elements of Integrated Practices

Dr. Sanna elaborates on the critical factors required for successful integration in chiropractic practices. From hiring the right team to fostering collaborative care, he emphasizes the importance of readiness and meticulous planning before expanding a practice. Here, Dr. Sanna discusses the essential elements of integrated practices, providing practical advice on hiring, training, and maintaining a collaborative environment within a multidisciplinary setting.

Pitfalls and Roadblocks

Identifying common pitfalls, Dr. Sanna sheds light on the challenges practitioners may encounter when transitioning to integrated models. From personnel issues to regulatory hurdles, he emphasizes the need for strategic planning and proper credentialing.He highlights the potential roadblocks practitioners may face when implementing integrated models, offering valuable insights to navigate challenges effectively and ensure the success of multidisciplinary practices.

Future Perspectives and Opportunities

Looking ahead, Dr. Sanna discusses emerging opportunities in multidisciplinary practices, including the role of regenerative medicine and the importance of staying abreast of regulatory changes. He shares his vision for the future of collaborative care and its potential to revolutionize healthcare delivery. Dr. Sanna concludes by envisioning the future of multidisciplinary practices, emphasizing the ongoing evolution of healthcare delivery and the immense potential for collaboration to drive positive patient outcomes.



As the conversation concludes, it’s evident that Dr. Mark Sanna’s wealth of knowledge and experience in multidisciplinary practices offers invaluable insights for practitioners looking to embrace collaborative care. With a focus on readiness, strategic planning, and continuous learning, the journey towards successful integration becomes both achievable and rewarding.

If you’re interested in learning more about Dr. Mark Sanna and Breakthrough Coaching, visit to explore resources and opportunities for practice enhancement. Stay tuned for future conversations diving deeper into specific topics within the realm of multidisciplinary practices.