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Leveraging AI for Improved Patient Care

 In chiropractic software

In a recent discussion, Dr. Brian Paris from Genesis Chiropractic Software and Dr. Joe Ferrantelli from PostureCo, came together to discuss how the collaboration between Genesis Chiropractic Software and PostureCo is transforming chiropractic care. Their conversation provided fascinating insights into how the integration of software and AI is enhancing both clinical practice and patient experience.

Genesis Chiropractic Software is well-known for its innovative contributions to the chiropractic landscape. It offers an all-in-one practice management solution that ensures efficiency, profitability, and improved patient care.

On the other side, PostureCo, led by Dr. Ferrantelli, specializes in biomechanical software applications for health care providers. They’ve leveraged cutting-edge technology to develop apps that help with posture analysis, spinal screenings, and chiropractic evaluations.

This collaboration between Genesis and PostureCo signifies a game-changing approach to chiropractic care. Here are some of the key points discussed by Dr. Paris and Dr. Ferrantelli:

Enhanced Precision with AI:

PostureCo’s software utilizes AI for capturing radiographic measurements and creating detailed reports. This high precision not only ensures better diagnosis and treatment but also aids in educating patients about their problems.

Streamlined Documentation:

The software automatically generates a comprehensive medical report, complete with average normal angles, ideal values, patient values, and a percent difference at every single level. These can be directly sent to Genesis, facilitating seamless report building and significantly saving time.

Interactive Patient Education:

With the aid of a viewbox, practitioners can show patients their problems in real-time during Report of Findings (ROF) sessions. This aids in promoting a better understanding of their conditions and the necessary treatments.

Documented Care and Treatment Planning:

With measurements that dictate care, practitioners can now document their treatment approaches more efficiently. This not only helps in building their practice but also in providing the best care for their patients.

Portability and Adaptability:

The PostureCo app, which can run on iOS, offers features like movement screens and posture analysis. It can be used on-site during seminars or spinal screenings, making it an excellent tool for outreach and patient engagement.

Functional Screens and Corrective Exercises:

The app can predict abnormal movement and link to corrective exercises based on the data from overactive and underactive muscles. It offers flexibility to clinicians to interpret and use the data according to their preferred protocols.

Ergonomic Assessments:

The app also provides options for ergonomic assessments, enabling clinicians to address the widespread posture issues stemming from today’s work-from-home culture.

In conclusion, this collaboration between Genesis Chiropractic Software and PostureCo presents an exciting development in the world of chiropractic care. It’s an integration that not only enhances the practitioners’ efficiency but also improves patient experience and health outcomes.