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Genesis Chiropractic Software Stands With The Chiropractic Defense Council

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In the ever-changing realm of healthcare, one thing remains certain – our unwavering commitment to support the profession we wholeheartedly believe in. Chiropractic, a therapeutic practice rooted in natural healing, is facing challenging times. We, at Genesis Chiropractic Software, have and will continue to support the Chiropractic Defense Council (CDC) in their endeavor to safeguard chiropractic rights and practice.

As chiropractors, you’ve dedicated your life to the healing profession, navigating through philosophical differences and regulatory challenges. The past years, especially, have seen unforeseen struggles. The world was hit by a pandemic, turning our lives upside down and putting chiropractic practice under fire.

Governmental restrictions and mandates were imposed, altering our abilities to practice freely. Fear not, as Genesis Chiropractic Software and the CDC are here to ensure your voice is heard and your rights are protected.

The questions we are now asking ourselves are new and unfamiliar. “How will the recent vaccine mandates affect my practice? Will they try to shut me down? Will my ability to take X-rays or treat children be restricted?” These fears are genuine, and we are here to address them.

The CDC was established in 2021 to be that beacon of hope for chiropractors worldwide. It arose from the need to protect individual chiropractor’s rights against heavy-handed regulations and oversight. Their mission resonates with us at Genesis Chiropractic Software – to reengage a profession that is largely disengaged and to revitalize our collective spirit at both local and national levels.

We believe in the CDC’s vision to reinvigorate a global chiropractic community that is facing threats it’s never faced before. We stand firm with the CDC in making chiropractic the #1 healthcare option.

This isn’t merely about protecting the rights of practicing chiropractors; it’s about our commitment to health, our dedication to natural healing, and our duty to ensure that our profession thrives.

In this post-Covid world, the need for chiropractic practice is more pronounced than ever before. We are all in this together. Genesis Chiropractic Software is here to support the CDC in their mission, and we encourage all chiropractors to join us. It’s time to stand up, unite, and secure the future of our profession.

Let’s make chiropractic the #1 healthcare choice worldwide. It is time to reclaim our rights, our practice, and our profession. Together, we are stronger.

To learn more about and support the Chiropractic Defense Council, you can visit and learn much more.