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Leverage the Technology Available to Run Your Practice More Easily and Efficiently

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Genesis Chiropractic SoftwareThere is so much technology available today that makes our daily lives easier.  Our banking, shopping, personal communications, and more are all done over the internet.  We are already leveraging cloud technology in almost everything that we do.  Isn’t it about time to leverage that same technology in our Chiropractic practices, and choose a practice management system that makes things easier and more efficient?

I have said before that the biggest companies in the world are using this type of technology and software to make their interactions with customers run more smoothly.  In my practice, this enterprise level technology wasn’t available initially.  I had to go outside of chiropractic to learn how technology is actually used in real businesses to make things more efficient, effective, and scalable.

What I learned was that to accomplish these goals, you have to break it down.  Internally, in our business, we break it down into people, processes, and technology.  For the people part of this we ask two questions.  Who are the people that are responsible for getting the tasks done?  What are their responsibilities?  

Then, we ask “What are the processes you want them to follow?”  If a new patient comes into your office, what actually happens?  What do you say to them?  What paperwork do you need them to fill out?  What different options are you going to present to them?  Most importantly, this all has to be documented.  

The Ritz Carlton is an excellent example of a business that has their processes broken down to ensure that there is never a missed step and every guest receives the best experience possible.  They even know how many steps it takes to make the bed and every housekeeper has a checklist to make sure every one of the over 30 steps is performed every single time.  That’s just the bed, not the rest of the room.  That is how the Ritz Carlton creates an amazing experience for every guest.  They have a process, it is documented, and every person in the process knows exactly what to do.

The next step is to leverage technology.  Again, the Ritz Carlton is the perfect example of how to do it right.  They keep a profile on every guest, tracking what you like, what you drink, how you like your steak, and every other small detail.  They have all of that information about you at their fingertips.  They never even have to ask.  It is all automatic.

I learned how to create and leverage that same type of system in my own Chiropractic office and created Genesis Chiropractic Software.  With it, I was able to automate tasks and make it simple for the people in my practice to follow the processes and create an amazing patient experience every time.  Genesis Software helped me to get really clear on what needed to happen each day, who was responsible for each task, and it kept my staff and myself accountable for those tasks.

Fortune 500 companies used to be the only businesses that could afford this type of technology.  Now, the technology is there, readily available to help Chiropractic offices of any size become more effective, efficient, and profitable. Isn’t it about time to leverage this enterprise level technology to create the best patient experience possible while at the same time making running your practice easier?

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