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Is Your Chiropractic Software A Piece of Junk?

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The word “Guarantee” is good, but No Regret is what you really want.

I bought an iPad about three months ago and it is obsolete today.  Sound familiar?

Imagine if it cost $15,000?  What if your software is obsolete in 3 years?  Don’t believe that can happen?

Things are changing faster than you think.   I’ll come back to this.

    • I am about to show you the how “owning” chiropractic software is not only a misnomer (Sales ploy used to make you “feel” good about spending your hard earned money) but one of the riskiest investments you can make in your practice.  While companies promise you it protects you, it actually leaves you and your practice vulnerable.
    • I will debunk the big fat myth that it costs your less money to “own” a chiropractic software, (which you actually never do), and show you how you can guarantee that you will not regret your software decision.
    • We will discuss the REAL cost of  the two main types of systems and pricing models.  Web bases systems vs. Client Server (The one they say you “own”)
    • Data Protection – The biggest lie told today is that somehow your data is safer in your office.  It is it better to backup your data offsite regardless.  It is useless without the software anyway.  Just ask doctors who were in the path of Hurricane Sandy which is better.
    • In the end I will show you how web based systems like, Genesis Chiropractic Software and Billing, pay for themselves and possibly even put some money back in your pocket.

Price Comparison

SaaS (Software as a Service) – Is a pricing model.   Today it is usually reserved for software that is web based.  In the past other chiropractic software used this model and charged upwards of $700 per month.  They got away with it for years and eventually switched to the “purchase” model.  SaaS charges a smaller monthly fee with little to no upfront fees.

Let’s do the simple math

Some systems on the market are as cheap as $12,000.  Compare that to the cost of a SaaS product at $250 per month.

$12,000/$250 = 48 month.  In other words, at $250/month  it will take 4 years before you pay the same amount!  Read on and you will see how you can go from 48 months to 60, 100 or unlimited months.  Meaning it will never cost you more than $12,000 to use a system like Genesis.

But then I own it after 4 years!  Really?  Do you own the code?  Can you tell the company what to build next?  What if they go out of business two years later?  More importantly REMEMBER the iPad…

    • When you “purchase” you are not buying software, you are buying a license to use the chiropractic software.  The company that supports that chiropractic software could be gone tomorrow.  Big Difference.  If that happens your license is useless.  Unless you want to buy the code.  I promise you, it isn’t cheap.
    • When you “purchase” you still need to pay for upgrades.  $50 per month.  Subtract $50 from the $250 that SaaS offers since upgrades are included in the SaaS model (that’s the service part of Saas).  With that factored in 4 years becomes 5 Years
    • Remember the iPad.  I know what you are thinking, I get upgrades.  True you get upgrades.  You can buy new computers and they will send you the upgrades so what’s the big deal.  Here it is.  There are actually 3 things you need to be concerned about.
        • The hardware –  That is the actual computer.  Those will need to be replaced on an ongoing basis regardless of what type of system you buy.
        • The software code –   This is what words are in the code, if you will.  In other words you can add new paragraphs to a document in the English language.  With software more words equals updates.   The system adds function, features etc.  That is great.
        • The language – The breath of options is limited to the language the software is built in.  When you buy a software you buy it knowing full well that the language your system will be written in 5 years from now has NO Chance of being upgraded.  The language is the language.  The reason Google is so successful is due, in part, to the fact they are constantly evolving the language they use.  It’s not just the words.  The capabilities are increasing because the language is changing.  Since they are also web based they can upgrade their systems and you don’t see they difference.  Just amazing new function.  This is the same with your practice software.  Software you buy will be limited in just a few years as web based systems language AND code rapidly change.  Not so with client server systems.  So you are paying a fixed fee because the functionality is fixed in time with today’s language.
    • Clearing House Fees -Included with Genesis billing – $50/month with other systems – Now it takes 6 years to pay the equivalent of other systems.
    • Network Maintenance – With web based systems, computers do not need to be networked together.  Only connected to the web.   Other systems require a server and network which will cost $1,000-$2,000 to set up.  …..  Figure another $50 per month for upgrades to hardware, maintenance for the computer guy to fix things when they break down, and down time…..  8 years easy.  Are you betting  static software language is going to be as cutting edge in 8 years?
    • Data Backup Service – $25/month 8.5 years (included with web based systems like Genesis.)
    • Peace of mind – Infinite peace of mind.  Genesis data center was in the path of hurricane Sandy and experience zero down time.  Some clients who lost their office where able to be back up and running instantly with a wireless laptop or iPad.  The didn’t lose any data.  Others weren’t so lucky.

Now what if they paid you?  Why not?  SaaS systems have it built into their price to have a referral fee.  We pay clients $3,000 per referral!  Can you send 4 clients over the life of your relationship with us?  If yes there’s $12,000!  Refer one friend per year and pay nothing out of pocket for your system!

Back to the guarantee: 

    • If you pay everything to a software company upfront and they have no incentive to keep you happy.  Pay as you go with SAAS.  You can cancel any time and reuse the hardware for you next software.  This is a guarantee.  You will never use our system and not be happy, guaranteed.  Pay only for what you use.  Much less risk and a greater chance the SAAS system will do everything they can to keep your business.
    • With client server systems you run the risk of getting a system you are not happy with and by then it is too late.  You already gave away your leverage, your hard earned money!  Guaranteed Risk
        • Risk you will not like it
        • Risk the technology will be out of date in a few years.
        • Risk web based systems will pass them by with functionality
        • Risk your data
    • Web based SaaS is less expensive and less risk.

Now all you need to know is will it do what you need it to do?

    • Schedule Patients
    • Manage Care plans
    • Bill insurance
    • Credit card and auto debit
    • Text appointment reminders
    • Fast Chiropractic SOAP notes and compliant documentation
    • Touch Screen notes
    • iPad and tablet ready
    • Patient self check in kiosk
    • Reporting
        • Patient Retention
        • Collections
        • Marketing
    • Access to entire system anywhere there is internet
    • Monthly Coaching Calls included
    • Much More

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