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ICD-10 Delayed Until 2015

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Author Rita Mae Brown said, “If it weren’t for the last minute, nothing would get done.”

ICD-10 delayed!

In the case of ICD-10, with a deadline looming mere months down the road, we were heading into a figurative “last minute” — when practices were beginning to hunker down and take the necessary steps to ready themselves for the switch from ICD-9. Now that Congress has moved the deadline from October 1, 2014 to October 1, 2015, practices may be feeling the temptation to put off further action. After all, the last minute just got delayed by a whole year, right?

Don’t kid yourself. ICD-10 is a change of enormous proportions — one that cannot be avoided or ignored, and definitely not one that should be put on the back burner. The changeover will take time away from patient care, and could have a serious impact on your bottom line. The changeover adds an additional layer of complexity — essentially giving payers even more opportunity to reject claims.

We’ve been working on this problem for more than a year, and are continuing to address it, in order to ensure that our clients are ready now. Our system is geared up to make the transition as painless as possible; you simply need to rip off the band-aid and commit to the process.

The choice is yours: You can take Congress’ action as an excuse to put off what must be done, leading to another year of worry and hand-wringing. Or you can get yourself prepared now, and pass the time with confidence, knowing that there’ll be no last-minute hysterics, and that your claims will be backed up by a system that’s been built and programmed for your success.

We will continue to offer continuing education webinars on ICD-10 delayed while keeping everyone informed about further changes and requirements. In the meantime, we encourage providers to evaluate their ICD-10 readiness and audit risk by scheduling a Practice Evaluation. Click on the link below to get started.

Visit our ICD-10 Page to learn everything we learned about it.

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