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Genesis Chiropractic Software and Billing – EHR SOAP Note – Basic Training

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Genesis Chiropractic Software and Billing (A product of Billing Precision, LLC)  EHR SOAP note feature allows the user to quickly asses the patients condition from the previous visit and make fast changes to multiple parameters per complaint.

    • 24 hour access to web based system.  Do your notes from anywhere.
    • Note templates are pre-configured based on real claim appeal data.
    • Easy customization
    • Fast creation of new note
    • Daily visit note updated in seconds
    • Dictation software ready – Dragon and Siri
    • iPad Ready
    • Touch Screen Ready
    • Wow your patients with high tech look
    • Full Stimulus eligible – Powered by Vericle which ICSA certified


Basic training videos cover how to:

    1. Create an initial subjective complaint
    2. Modify existing subjective complaints
    3. Objective findings such as:
      1. Posture
      2. Range of motion
      3. Palpation
      4. Orthopedic tests
      5. Vestibular test
      6. X-Ray findings
      7. Height
      8. Weight
      9. Blood pressure
    4. Updating objective findings for re-exams and subsequent visits
    5. Assessment
    6. Treatment Plan
    7. Customizing note templates
    8. Creating and using macros

Training Videos

Introduction to the SOAP screen

Subjective Section Basic Training

Objective Section Basic Training


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