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Chiropractor EHR

Chiropractor EHR

Chiropractor EHR

If you are looking to boost the efficiency and work management flow of your clinic, then all you have to do is call Genesis Chiropractic Software about chiropractor EHR today. Perhaps you are ready to take the management part of your business to a new level? In this case, you should look for a chiropractic clinic software that helps you to manage your scheduling, billing, documentation, patient retention, and more. Genesis Chiropractic Software is an all in one management system that will help you to manage your entire clinic using just one platform.

Chiropractic Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Part of your chiropractic clinic will include the health records of patients. Long gone are the days in which paper medical records needed to be stored in files, boxes, and shelves. Today, everything can be stored in a secure, cloud-based platform or database. Known as electronic health records, or EHR, this is a computer software that medical professionals use to track all aspects of a patients’ healthcare. When used in a broader context, chiropractor EHR, or EHR, may also encompass the management functions of scheduling, billing, and so forth. As a chiropractor, EHR will be something to strongly consider having.

Choosing a Chiropractic EHR Software

Choosing a chiropractic EHR software could be time-consuming, especially if you are not familiar with your options or your needs.

Chiropractic EHR provides you with everything contained in a paper chart, and much more. In the last 10 years, thousands of chiropractors have adopted chiropractic EHR software. According to Healthcare in America, up to 85% of chiropractors have utilized this software in their clinics. If you started using an EHR five or ten years ago, and have not graduated to an updated version, now is the time to do so. The same is true for chiropractors who may feel unsatisfied with a second-rate platform. Today, chiropractic EHR software is very sophisticated. To help you understand whether or not it is time to upgrade your EHR, consider the following information and advice.

The Software Should Be User Friendly

When choosing a chiropractor EHR, or switching to a new EHR company like Genesis Chiropractic Software, select a company that offers an intuitive, logical, and user-friendly interface. You and your staff may have little to no knowledge about IT; thus, there is no point in choosing a system that requires a level of expertise beyond that of the standard chiropractor’s team of staff.

More Automation is Better

Older chiropractor EMR systems require more manual inputting, as well as unnecessary steps to complete a task. Newer systems, such as those from Genesis Chiropractic Software, have become more automated. This means your manual tasks in your practice, such as billing or scheduling, are automated rather than manual.

Choose a Company That Offers Training

A good chiropractor EMR system should be easy to navigate; however, nearly all platforms will require some degree of training. A good chiropractic software company will include training in the initial startup stage, and provide ongoing support.

Benefits of Chiropractic EHR

Managing your chiropractic practice without the proper chiropractic EHR software can be a challenge. Here are some of the benefits of implementing this technology into your practice:

  • Easy to Use Interface: If your chiropractic practice is like many chiropractic offices, you likely have patient records stored in various different locations. Your staff members may have to spend more time retrieving patient records, slowing down your office’s workflow. By using chiropractic electronic health records, your staff members will be able to retrieve records from a single interface that’s user friendly.
  • Simple Scheduling: Chiropractor EHR also allows easy scheduling with accurate information and reminders. If a patient, for example, misses an appointment, your staff members can easily reschedule the appointment and keep the patients on track.
  • Accurate Billing: The last thing you want to do is bill your patients incorrectly. Doing so can make your patients very upset and make your chiropractic practice look less reputable. Improper billing can also cost your practice money and time. Chiropractic electronic health records are made with customizable billing solutions and reporting, reducing the risk of inaccurate billing.
  • Cost Savings: The cost of paper can add up after time. If you have an EHR solution for your chiropractic practice, you won’t have to use paper at all. You can just store your charting, imaging and other documents digitally. Eliminating paper could potentially help your practice save thousands of dollars a year.

Common Myths About Chiropractic EHR

Although chiropractic EHR has been around for many years, there are still some misconceptions about it, including:

  • It’s Difficult to Use: Some chiropractic practices may shy away from installing EHR systems because they think they’re too complicated to use. However, with recent advances in technology, these systems are easier to learn than ever and can be designed for various different industries.
  • It Makes Communication Between Staff and Patients too Cold: Some believe EHR systems make communication between staff members and patients too impersonal. However, most patients understand that using EHR software keeps their personal information secure and reduces the risk of errors. Staff members can still have friendly conversations with patients while using this software.
  • It Will Slow Down the Flow of Work: While this may have been true many years ago, it isn’t the case today. EHR technology has greatly improved and is much more user-friendly than it once was.
  • It Doesn’t Require Training to Use: Although EHR systems are relatively easy to use, it’s still necessary to train staff members on how to use them. If staff members are properly trained on how to use EHR software, they will be more likely to work efficiently and less likely to make errors.

How a Chiropractic EHR Can Help with Note Taking

Depending on the size of your clinic, you may see between 15 and 30 patients per day, or more. In addition to treating patients, it is estimated that chiropractors spend 25% of their day documenting patient records. With this workload, chiropractors may be tempted to complete their patient notes at the end of the day, or later in the week. This allows the chiropractor to spend the full day on patients. While this might seem like a sensible idea, the approach could harm your practice.

Why EHR Notes Are Important

Chiropractors tend to use specific EHR notes called SOAP notes. SOAP stands for Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan. They help to manage a practice, because at it’s basic level, SOAP notes:

  • Allow for providers to record and share information,
  • Document a patient’s progress,
  • Determine the type and quality of care received, and
  • Ensure accuracy in medical coding and billing

Completing SOAP Notes Right Away Has Many Benefits

When using a chiropractic EHR system, it is possible to create SOAP notes right away. There are a number of reasons to do so.

You Can Better Balance Your Work and Personal Life

If you find yourself having to spend your evenings or weekends behind a computer, catching up on your SOAP notes, consider using your chiropractic EHR in a more effective way. When you no longer delay in completing the SOAP notes, you can find yourself enjoying the most of your free time. You will be able to leave your office and focus on other areas in your life, such as your relationship, hobbies, entertainment, and more.

You Can Be Seen as More Credible

Everyone would like to have a flawless long term memory; however, this is not possible. It is known that the more time passes after any interaction, the less our brains can recall. This is why it is so important to not dely in including your SOAP notes in the chiropractic EHR system. Between 1990 and 2012, there were 5,796 medical malpractice claims filed against chiropractors. In the event you are facing a claim or lawsuit, your SOAP notes will become a part of the case. If your notes were completed during or right after the appointment, you will be seen as more credible. The longer you wait, it is possible that your SOAP notes could be argued and cast doubt upon any reviewers.

Healthier Patients and Practice

Medical records are intended to provide a thorough, accurate description of a patient’s medical history. This may include care and treatment, any medical conditions or diagnoses, and the results of treatment. These records should be very well documented and reflect all relevant aspects of the patients’ wellbeing. They also serve as a tool of communication. The sooner you include your notes in a chiropractic EHR, the more accurate and detailed your notes will be.

In turn, this can help you to provide a greater quality of care, and thereby, more satisfied patients. When you have an office of happy patients, you will be more likely to be referred to new patients which leads to practice growth.

Chiropractic EMR vs. EHR
You may be wondering whether you need a Chiropractic EMR or Chiropractic EHR. Both are a solution to assuring cost reduction in keeping patient records, and ensuring data is protected and secure. Here we briefly explain the difference between these two kinds of software.

Firstly, EMR stands for Electronic Medical Records, and EHR stands for Electronic Health Record. While it may seem like they are the same thing, they aren’t. But, many people mistake these as identify and use the terms interchangeably. EMR is an older term, and was created in the starting stages of maintaining electronic documents instead of paper records. After several decades, EMR has essentially remained consistent and reliable for storing electronic information.

To put it simply, EMR is a way to access medical records of a patient on a computer. It is a digital copy of the patient’s paper chart. With this system, you can rely on being able to view information quickly without having to dig through paper versions. EHR is a way to perform administrative tasks related to the patient, such as progress notes, medications, communication, appointments, and education. The benefits to having EMR and EHR include:

  • Access patient details from various locations
  • Streamline sharing with providers and labs
  • Allows a patient’s medical details to move with them
  • Digital version of patient charts
  • Information safely stored in the practice
  • Easily used by providers to reach a diagnosis and treatment

When a chiropractic office practices uses EMR and EHR software, they can optimize on patient retention, profit, office efficiency, and compliance. It isn’t uncommon for chiropractic offices to see higher revenue, more hours saved, and more invoices processed each month. EMR and EHR frees up time that would have otherwise been dedicated towards maintaining patient data. Employees and chiropractors will have more hours and energy in the day to provide the best services for their patients.

10 Key Features To Look For in Chiropractic EHR Software

When choosing your chiropractor EHR software, there are a few features you should always consider. Here are the top 10 things to think about during your search.

1. Cloud-Based

It would be best if you looked for cloud-based software. Then, you don’t have to worry about downtime for installing and updating your systems. These will be taken care of for you by your provider.

2. Accessibility

It is important that you can access your software from multiple devices. When you find a platform that only allows you to access from one point, your office can get even crazier.

3. Device Compatible

Along the same lines, you want to make sure you can use the software from multiple types of devices. After all, you may want to access information from your office desktop, laptop, or tablet.

4. Chiropractor Specific

You want your software to be a chiropractor EHR. For example, the offerings at Genesis Chiropractic Software are tailored for needs that only come up in this type of practice and leave off the features that other doctors need.

5. Scheduling, Reporting, and Billing

We at Genesis Chiropractic Software understand that your practice is crazy, and everything is about maximizing your time. Therefore, you want to look for a chiropractor EHR system that combines your scheduling, reporting, and billing. These features will save you time and simplify these processes in the long run.

6. User-Friendliness

The whole point of an EHR is to make your experience as a provider easier. Therefore, you want the software you chose to be as user-friendly as possible, so you don’t worry about hiccups.

7. Appointment Reminders

One way to reduce your workload is to have a system that sends out appointment reminders automatically. Look for a platform that sends reminders to patients via text, email, or both.

8. Compliance

Because you are a medical professional, make sure you get software that complies with all regulations you face. Generally, this means purchasing a product from a reliable provider.

9. Patient Portals

Patient portals allow your clients to fill out intake forms, update their information, and check-in for their appointments. Having this feature will greatly improve your office’s efficiency.

10. Claims Limits

Some software comes with limits on the number of free claims you can make. Make sure you check this out before purchasing software and look for one that offers lower fees or an unlimited claims plan.

3 Ways EHR Software Can Boost Your Revenue

If you own a chiropractic office, you have probably come across different types of software to help manage your business. There are many benefits to having business software to help with your chiropractic clinic. One advantage is that a chiropractic EHR can boost your revenue. Here are three ways this software can do this and help take your practice further.

1. Increase Productivity

When a physician uses Genesis Chiropractic Software, they can save a lot of their time. Usually, doctors would spend time looking over charts, taking or dictating notes, and looking over notes. With a chiropractic EHR, you can have records generated automatically. Records do not have to be filed or pulled manually. This task would usually take up time that physicians could spend seeing patients. Also, if you keep physical records on location at your practice, you can replace that space with more room to see patients. It can increase your revenue because you have opportunities to help more people.

2. Make Claims Procedures Easier

When dealing with insurance companies, claims are often one of the most pressing issues. Some insurance companies pay out less because they do not have sufficient evidence and documentation from the physician to justify paying more. An EHR can help with documentation and ensure that physicians do not miss anything when treating a patient and taking notes. It helps when submitting claims because everything is documented and increases the amount of money you can get.

3. Increased Efficiency

When treating patients, a chiropractic EHR can give you prefilled templates. These can be used as a starting point when consulting patients. It is faster than writing everything by hand and allows you to spend more time listening to a patient and their concerns. It also allows you to see more patients than you would if you manually document everything.

An EHR from Genesis Chiropractic Software can also cut down on time spent calling pharmacies to put in prescriptions. In many cases, patients can have their prescription filled at their pharmacy of choice before they even leave your office. The time saved with these small tasks can make you more money, so reflect on this advantage when considering this software.

There are many ways that EHR software can benefit your chiropractic practice. Depending on your needs, some features may be more necessary for you than others. A chiropractic EHR can increase your revenue by increasing efficiency and productivity and can make claims procedures easier, so consider using Genesis Chiropractic Software for your needs.

4 Things To Look For When Picking Out Your Chiropractic Software

Finding the right chiropractic EMR software can be a challenge. That said, there are some things you can look for when you undertake this search to ensure that you purchase the right software for your office.

1. Company’s Reputation

You can choose between an up-and-coming company or a tried and trustworthy supplier, such as Genesis Chiropractic Software. Therefore, before you even consider a product, take a minute to research the company that produced it and see if you think it will be worth your investment or if you should move on to a better option.

2. Features

When purchasing software, you need to think about the features you want in your office and find a product that fits your needs. For example, do you want your software compatible with phones, tablets, and computers? Likewise, it would help to think about whether you want your billing and revenue management to be included in your records software.

Once you’ve made these decisions, it’s essential to think about what you want in the actual patient intake, care, and records keeping departments. Then, make a list of everything you want and find a product that fits your needs. If you’re having trouble with this step, you can always have a consultation with our skilled team at Genesis Chiropractic Software to identify your needs.

3. Price

Of course, you can’t ignore price when picking out your chiropractic EMR software. In fact, for some offices, this might be a crucial aspect that limits which products are an option. Typically, the more features you want, the more you should expect to pay when it comes to price. However, being more expensive doesn’t always mean better. Sometimes, offices should invest in simple records software and use other paper or paperless methods to manage the rest of their management needs.

4. Reviews

Finally, check what other people are saying about a product before buying it. Chiropractic EMR software should be user-friendly and have plenty of good reviews. Browse through the reviews and see whether people are generally happy and whether you can get over the main complaints or not. If the most significant criticism will eliminate this as an option, move on. Remember, unhappy clients will always leave some bad reviews about any product.

In sum, you want to make sure you find the right EMR software. Use these tips to help you pick out the perfect option for your business today.

Schedule a Consultation with Prospective EMR Software Companies

Once you have chosen a prospective chiropractic EMR software company, schedule an appointment with them to explore their services in further detail. Whether you are upgrading your current EMR system or have never used one, explain to the company why you are considering their EMR. For example, if you want to keep better records, or manage your billing in a more efficient way, let them know.

We are happy to help you with your chiropractic clinic EMR and EHR needs. We are available to consult with you and answer any questions you have about this software. Reach out to Genesis Chiropractic Software today to learn more about our services for chiropractor EHR.