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Chiropractic Patient Compliance – Patient Loyalty Management – Dr. Troy Dreiling

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Let’s talk about managing your practice and growing your practice and looking at patient loyalty. That’s key. If you have loyal patients, that’s going to help you keep a stable practice, keep a solid practice. It’s going to help you grow, going to help you provide better for your family, have a great living.

Three things. Number one, appointments. You got to have patients, and they got to have appointments whether it’s twice a week, three times a week, daily. You’ve got to keep on track with those. If they’re missing, billing precision will let us know they’re missing. We follow up 15 minutes later with a phone call. We can put a note in there. We can reschedule them for the next day so we can keep on track with the patient’s commitment to your visit frequency.

So, a patient no-show is not just a missed visit. It’s a loss of compliance with the patient. It’s a loss of patient loyalty, and it’s a downturn. And so, the key with billing precision is managing those no-shows. The system does it very easily, very simply to keep us on track. You’ve seen a high volume of patients. You have a 120 schedule and a 30 missed. I mean that’s 25% of your practice that disappeared that day.

Secondly is if they are missing, we can track that. We can follow, and then, we can look at patient loyalty and see where they’re going. You can also set up patient call reminder so you’re reminding patients automatically of their visits. So, you can continue to build that success with practice. You went to school for 8 to 10 years to become a doctor. You need some tools to help you become more successful.

And lastly, this has happened many times. Patients were coming in, they’ve got an unpaid balance, nobody asked them, they didn’t say anything. Billing Precision, the computer I swiped in, it will have the front desk, “Hey, you’ve got an outstanding balance. So, it does it automatically for you. Just with a click of a button, if the credit card is set up in there, you can bill it. Right there, go. You charge to credit card. So, you’re collecting these unpaid balances on a regular basis.

So, putting the appointments in, keeping on track and no-shows, and collecting any unpaid balances. Those are the keys to having a more successful, more profitable practice.

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