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The “Holy Grail” of Chiropractic Practice

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A Practice Owner's juggling act is easier with Genesis Chiropractic Software. It's the chiropractic holy grail.

How Your Chiropractic Practice Can Optimize Patient Care and Practice Efficiency while Maximizing Profit

Being able to optimize patient care while running an efficient practice and still maximizing profit is the holy grail of chiropractic practice.

Running a successful chiropractic practice is a juggling act. You have to keep so many balls in the air at any time – you have to provide great patient care, manage your staff, ensure proper billing and follow-up, handle the paperwork and complete a thousand other tasks just to get through a single day. That makes being able to optimize patient care while running an efficient practice and still maximizing profit, the holy grail of chiropractic practice.

So, how do you do that? How do you accomplish all of those things?

Luckily, the answer is simple…. You need a chiropractic software that is proactive in your practice rather than reactive to reports so that your revenue, patient retention and documentation compliance is greatly increased – one with artificial intelligence that finds the work for your staff so their productivity is greatly increased.

Here’s why… Efficiency, Maximize Revenue Collection and Better Patient Care.


With this type of chiropractic software, your EHR and insurance billing follow-up services eliminate double entry and human error.  And, when it’s cloud based, you save time also by documenting everything wherever you are on your iPhone, iPad or computer.

A great system lets you speed up charting with customizable chiropractic forms and provides an easy-to-use patient scheduling tool to optimize your practice’s calendar and automatically sends email/text/phone appointment reminders, saving you and your staff valuable time.

That’s what you can expect with Genesis Chiropractic Software and why our software was designed by chiropractors using the same technology as major firms, like Amazon, Apple, The Ritz-Carlton and Zappos use to ensure their business runs optimally, efficiently and at maximum profits every single day.

Genesis Chiropractic Software uses Big DataBut, don’t take our word for it. Here’s what just one of our happy docs has to say…

Dr. Vito Spadafino uses Genesis Chiropractic Software. It's like his holy grail.

Dr. Vito Spadafino

Dr. Vito Spadafino from West Suburban Wellness says, “Genesis gives you quick access to vital information when you need it, is very customizable, cloud based is great, and keeps the system up to date on ICD10’s which helps for diagnosis and billing.”

Maximize Revenue Collection

And even better, with Genesis Chiropractic Software, your practice can maximize revenue collection as well.

That’s because with Genesis, you can submit claims quickly and easily straight from our EHR for insurance, Workers Comp and more. And, you can ensure real-time insurance eligibility so that you know you will get paid.

Genesis gives you full control over your revenue cycle management so that you know at any given moment which claims have not been paid and exactly what you need to do to follow up. Our system even sends alerts to your staff to remind them to handle the necessary tasks, taking the hard work of management out of your hands.

Better Patient Care

Last, but definitely not least, Genesis ensures better patient care for your practice by significantly improving the patient experience.

Our chiropractic software does this by handling the mission critical points of the patient experience, things that you have to follow-up with in real time or risk losing your patient.

Genesis ensures that every task performed by you and your staff each day, from scheduling to billing, inventory, collecting recurring cash payments is performed optimally so that you can offer the best patient experience possible.

So, if you’re tired of the juggling act, get Genesis Chiropractic Software and grab the holy grail of chiropractic practice – awesome patient care, amazing practice efficiency and maximum profits.

Find out more by scheduling your own appointment right now.  Clicking the button in the bottom right will open a calendar to pick a date. Real numbers from your chiropractic practice will be used to show you how Genesis will improve 5 areas of your practice.

We call it a Dream Practice Analysis. Find out and then you can make an informed decision about increasing your revenue 62%, increasing your patient retention 26% and increasing your documentation compliance 32%, all in 33% less time as our clients have.

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Posture Screen Mobile is fully integrated into Genesis Chiropractic Software.Genesis Chiropractic Software is The Innate Intelligence of Your Chiropractic Practice